Weevo's V-Diet Log

I am starting the V-Diet tomorrow, really excited! Have my supplement stack sitting here ready to go. I’ve gained quite a few pounds from over the holidays and complete apathy towards my diet over the past few months. Time to start showing some discipline again. My goal is to get back into single digit body fat like I was last year, maybe 8% or so. I’m very clearly not there right now, as you’ll see in a moment.

22 years old
215lbs (I’d like to get that down to 190-195)
BF% not sure, don’t have a means by which to measure (but a picture is worth 1000 words anyway)
Measurements are 35in waist, 38in at the greatest circumference.

I will include pictures in the next few posts (I’m new at this so bear with me).

Looking forward to getting started and benefiting from the experience of those who have come before me and are willing to share.

Here’s the front view.

Back view. And please excuse the crappy quality of these pictures.

And the side view (left).

Not sure how I screwed that up…Okay, side view.

Edit: Geez, I’m retarded. Well, now we have two ugly ass side pictures to look at. How nice.

Hey homie, welcome to the forum. You should see awesome results from this. What’s your recent training history like?

Been training seriously in martial arts for eight years, and I’ve been training very seriously in the gym for the past three years. I have a chronic elbow problem for which I had surgery back in August of 2008. Since then I’ve been lifting three days per week, and training conditioning 3-4 times per week (1-2 aerobic and 2 anaerobic training sessions). If anyone’s heard of Ross Enamait, his materials are what initially taught me how to create my own program. I’ve been a conditioning fanatic ever since.

Once I was able to train after my elbow surgery I injured my back getting a bit impatient with deadlifts, and I’ve only just recently been able to train deads and squats again. I really want to get my deadlift back up to 2x bodyweight, and I’m working on getting my front squat back up to 1.5x bodyweight. Not the most impressive numbers in the world, but I’m starting to get pretty close. I also want to get back to standing rollouts, which I’m close to again as well.

Welcome aboard, we have somewhat similar stats from the ones you listed, so it’ll be interesting for comparison

I love Ross’ stuff. I did the 50 day workout plan in Infinite Intensity when I moved to Colorado and it was a bastard doing said workout whilst adjusting to the altitude

So I’ve completed the first day. Not too bad. I was a bit hungry as the day progressed, but it’s a diet. That’s to be expected. Today was also a training day, so the total kcal intake was 1920. Here’s the breakdown.

9 pts H2O
0900: HOT-ROX x 2
0930: shake 1 w/ fiber/Flameout
14:15: Surge Recovery
15:15: HOT-ROX x 2
15:35: shake 2 w/ fiber/Flameout
17:45: shake 3 w/ fiber/Flameout
20:30: shake 4 w/ fiber/Flameout
22:30: shake 5 w/ fiber/Flameout (I’m going to have this in ten minutes and go to bed in about an hour)

I went out for my walk today, but I got bored so it turned into roadwork. I also added a 12 minute conditioning finisher to my strength session. Neither one seemed to impede my recovery since I feel fine at the moment. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I feel kind of bad for breaking the rules, but I guess being too active is not the worst rule to break. I’m a rebel, what can I say.

Hey! Just wanted to pop in and wish you luck, I’m on day 4 and so far the diet’s been kicking my ass pretty hard. But it’ll be worth it in the end! :smiley:

I’m sure you know this, but just as friendly reminder, be careful not to overdo the physical activity TOO much, don’t wanna burn that hard earned muscle!

Have a goodnight!

Hi, thanks very much for the encouragement and the advice.

On a side note, I could REALLY go for some chicken and veggies cooked in some balsamic. I think I’ll make that my HSM on Saturday. Maybe throw in a small sweet potato.

Yeah you’re gonna kill this thing. Welcome aboard.

Hi, thanks very much. I really appreciate the support.

good luck. every time you wanna eat shit just go to a bathroom. look in the mirror. pull up your shirt. look at your stomach and say is it worth eating this shit. then hopefully say no lol

Haha, that’s a good idea.

9 pts H2O
0730: HOT-ROX x 2
0800: shake 1 w/ fiber/Flameout
12:00: shake 2 w/ fiber/Flameout
14:00 HOT-ROX x 2
15:30: shake 3 w/ fiber/Flameout
1900: shake 4 w/ fiber/Flameout
22:30: shake 5 w/ fiber/Flameout

Today wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Keeping the shakes relatively spaced about (3-4 hours) worked pretty well. Feeling good, ready to train tomorrow.

Here is day 3. Didn’t feel all that hungry today, almost had to force myself to have the last shake even after doing an unscheduled repetition core workout. Strange.

9 pts H2O
0800: HOT-ROX x 2
0830: shake 2 w/ fiber/Flameout
10:40: Surge Recovery
13:00: shake 1 w/ fiber/Flameout
16:00: HOT-ROX x 2
16:30: shake 3 w/ fiber/Flameout
20:30: shake 4 w/fiberx2/Flameout
22:30: shake 5 w/ Flameout

Day 4 3/24/10
8 pts H2O
0730: HOT-ROX x 2
0800: shake 1 w/ fiber/Flameout
12:00: shake 2 w/ fiber x 2/Flameout
14:00: HOT-ROX x 2
16:00: shake 3 w/fiber x 2/Flameout
19:36: shake 4 w/ fiber/Flameout
22:45: shake 5 w/ fiber/Flameout

I’m a couple days behind you man, so far hasn’t been that bad at all. Just some new soreness from exercises I neglect from time to time. Takes me forever to down the shakes too. Good luck!

Day 5 3/25/10
9 pts H2O
0745: HOT-ROX x 2
0810: shake 2 w/ fiber/Flameout
11:40: shake 1 w/ fiber/Flameout
12:45: HOT-ROX x 2
16:00: shake 3 w/ fiber/Flameout
20:30: Surge recovery
21:00: shake 5 w/ fiber/Flameout
23:00: shake 4 w/ fiber/Flameout

You’ll notice I changed the order around. Just wanted to try something different. Felt like a monster today in the gym, so energy levels haven’t dropped. Though I’m guessing that I’m just barely eating enough to recover from the strength work and don’t have enough left in the tank for extra conditioning.

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