Weekly HSM Timing

I just had a couple questions about the timing of the HSM. Is there any specific day that the HSM should be eaten? I’ve mostly seen people doing it Saturday or Sunday. Is there any significance to doing it at the start/end of the week instead of the middle of the week? I also wanted to ask if it is imperative that the HSM be the same day each week. For example, if I had the HSM on a Friday, would it be alright the next week to have it Thursday or Saturday?


It’s best to keep the healthy solid meal on ABOUT the same day. Nothing magically about the weekend, though that’s when many people hit a restaurant or have more time to prepare meals.

It’s about the space between HSMs. Mix it around too much as you may have HSMs just a few days apart and then the next week have over 7 days between them (which would be tougher mentally and physically). So any day of the week is fine, and if it’s within a day of “one week apart” that’s fine too. Just don’t get them too out of whack.

Perfect, thanks. My schedule makes it pretty difficult to line everything up on the same day each week so having about a one-day leeway should be helpful.

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