Week One Progress Report


Good Morning!!!

I forgot to post this last night, so here is Week One Velocity Diet Update:

Days 1-7: Stuck with all the shakes and made all my workouts. I didn’t post a daily Log because I haven’t cheated or missed any of the shakes. Wait, except for those two breath mints … However, I did modify 2 things as per Chris’ suggestion:

  1. I started the V-Diet halfway through Dan John’s/Pavel’s 40 Day workout Challenge (5 days per week, same excercises, etc…)
  2. I added a Muscle Growth Protein Shake in the Morning because I have to teach Dance and Fitness classes during the week.

Lost 7.5 pounds (Starting weight of 167).
Lost 1.5 inches off waist.
Increased my Deadlift “Sort of Max” to 300 x 2, a Personal Record! (Don’t know how that one relates to the diet, but hey, there it is…)
Have more energy throughout the day than when started, which puts me in a better mood with my students and clients.
More rested sleep. I wake up at 7 AM (Used to be 9-9:30 AM) and can’t get back to sleep!!!
Have more freetime on my hands because I am more focused and want to be productive!
And lastly, I am having some strange, semi-sexual Dreams about the types of Healthy Solid Meals I am going to cook …

I have to say, the The Mental Game is the hard part of this diet!!! I have told EVERYONE what I am doing and they help keep me accountable … When they aren’t asking me if I want to go have a drink, or go to dinner.

So, THANK YOU CHRIS and the V-DIET TEAM!!! Keep up the good work and we will keep up the good results!!!



Nice work, Ben!


Thanks Chris! Yeah, except for the sexual dreams about Filet Mignon and Carraba’s Pollo Rosa Maria with Fettucini Alfredo, I think I’m doing great!