Week Off Training...and looking Leaner?


Well, I decided to deload and take a full week block from doing any intense training. Basically just doing Nepa walks nightly for an hour, and dry saunas each night. Calories are kept same however no peri-workout Anaconda Surge WF and MAG-10. Thus slightly less carbs on some days 35g and of course slightly less cals from the MAG and Anaconda. So is it water weight I have dropped from dissing the periworkout nutrition???


Possibly the saunas pulling water wieght off. Water is a constant daily intake of at least a gallon though. Or Maybe its the drop in calories and going slightly lower carb this week. I would think the periworkout nutrition would cancel out due to the two hour workouts I endure on training days.


Not sure what you’re asking. Sounds like you’ve lost water weight because you’re in a sauna all the time.

Are we talking scale weight or how you look? Because scale weight over a one-week period doesn’t tell you much. Could go several pounds either way regardless of what you’re doing.


Shugs…mirror weight depending on the mirror! lol I’m talking only visually.


I was thinking maybe the Anaconda was causing me to hold on to more water?


[quote]brandon76 wrote:
I was thinking maybe the Anaconda was causing me to hold on to more water?

Maybe, but it would be intramuscular with Anaconda, not subcutaneous. So, full muscles, not “bloat.”


Thanks…anyway I frigging love it. Super insulin sensitive, and dropping leaner and leaner. Can’t go wrong, whatever it is.


I always look my best after a deload week…sounds normal to me.