Week 5. Making Up Ground Lost


I’m in week 5 and must admit that I’m needing some help. During week 4 I got a stomach bug for 3 days and could’nt keep my shakes down, I’m just now able to integrate them back in completley. I have not fallen off the food wagon but did with the training due to the bug and my mom coming in.

With that said I’m back in the gym today. I did do my measurements and weigh in on day 28 and I lost 6lbs but 16 inches overall, which I’m pretty happy about. Do I start back up as if I’m in transition week or do I need to make up week 4 again? I’m picking up my workouts where I left off so this is geared more to the HSM’s.


It’s really up to you. To get the habit/craving changes, it requires roughly 21 days of straight V-Diet. As long as you got that, then you’re good to go on that front.

If you have product left over, you could do one more strict week of V-Dieting. You’d also get results just being on an extended Transition.

Again, up to you. When life throws in a monkey wrench like that you just have work around it the best you can. Sounds like you’re doing it that quite well.

And congrats on the 16 inches lost!