Week 2 Progress Report


Hey all! Week 2 was a very good week … Except I cheated … Was the most GUILTY Meal I have ever had!!! I usually bring every Shake Mix I’ll need for the day, plus a Back-up Mix. I had 2 1/2 hours back to back to teach (intense dance and fitness classes), then straight to train 2 hours of dance clients …

Well I spilled my shake mix all over the floor and felt like a crack addict trying to get it back up, was getting a bad headache (Which I’ve never gotten so far on the diet …) and unable to run home to get more protein Shake mix!!! I was scared of getting sick all over my client, so I had an extra Small HSM: chicken, small salad and little humus … And I felt SO Guilty!

Chris, What do I do if I feel sick and am out of house and unable to have the shake mix …?

Sorry I let you guys down … But I’ll keep going and not beat myself up …


What do you do? Prepare better next time. (Bring back-up, etc.)

And your unplanned HSM was fine. I’m sure it didn’t set you back any.


As a Follow Up - I had my weigh in a measurements … I used the same scale, same time, same conditions (electronic one that also does the body fat % and lean body mass, cellular water weight and all that stuff …): I’ve lost 10 poumds of body fat, but gained 2 pounds of lean body mass. Lost two inches at my waist.

And aside from modifying the Workout (I’m doing the 40 Day Pavel/Dan John workout challenge), the only thing I have done differently was at your recomendation instead of the Low Carb Shake for breakfast, I used the Muscle Growth Formula. I also hit a personal best and Deadlifted for 2 singles (With Witnesses!!!) 315 lbs., and could have gone at least 335 lbs … So woooo for me!


Great progress! Awesome work!


Chris, one last thought leading into a question … I had about 5 people I work with watch me deadlift my personal best, and about another dozen or so students who hadn’t seen me in a couple weeks, come up to me and say, “Oh my GAWD, Ben you look amazing!” … and “What the heck have you done…???” … Needless to say, I told them all about the Velocity Diet, and struggling, but knowing the results are worth the effort …

So My question: The people that I recommend to do the Velocity Diet, if and when they start, Do I get a referral bonus or something…??? Cause I seriously sent like 5 people just yesterday to check this site out and they’re gonna do it!


Sorry, we don’t do referral bonuses.


Awwwww mannnnn … :slight_smile:


good try Ben…worth a shot! hahahaha