Week 2 Plateau? Put My Mind at Ease

Im reading loads of posts to keep motivated and it helps me to jump in 100% in things…

Im a little bit worried about the dreaded week 2 plateau… What can be done to help minimize this effect? I want to keep on seeing numbers drop and keep on the motivation train.

Chris? Anybody?

Well, first, there really isn’t a “2 week plateau.” It’s just that first week results seem bigger because of the natural loss and/or balancing of water weight. So week 2 may seem “slower” but it’s pure fat loss, not fat and the expected water loss.

And by “slow” I mean, ya know, 2 to 3 times faster than a normal diet. (I always have to laugh at those who complain about losing “only” 15 pounds in 28 days, you know, since 4 pounds was once thought the be the “maximum possible” using traditional diets.)

Also, those who may have a “slow” week usually see a big jump on the next week.

Then there are scale fluctuations, incorrect weighing, lack of tape measuring, menstrual cycles, God-awful daily weighing nuttiness…

In other words, the real results are of course the FINAL results.

thanks Chris… avoiding the scale is tough tho

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