Week 1 on V-Diet 3.0


First off, I’m a 30yr old male with a starting weight of 253lbs.

Wanted to wait my first week before posting to see if I could handle the week 1 without the forum and so far so good. I have been weighing myself several times the first week and have seen drop which is keeping me motivated but need to follow directions and take the scale away until I am supposed to weigh myself! With saying this, weighed in today and am coming in at 244lbs.

The workouts are definitely doable and NEPA is a must! Is there anything I can take as a pre workout drink? Have noticed that I have energy to complete the “lifting” portion of the workouts but have to dig real deep in order to get my NEPA in.

Have had a tough time last 2 days with cravings…cheated yesterday with some cheese but nothing big. Am looking forward to dinner today which is going to be my HSM!!! Haven’t been this happy to eat fish and a salad in forever!

Anyways, I will continue to post and hopefully will continue to drop the lbs.


Welcome aboard!

You can sip your Surge Recovery drink during training if you want, but save half of it for after. You can add Power Drive too if you’d like, pre-workout, or time one of your HOT-ROX servings for pre-workout if this is an energy issue.

Also, you could do NEPA in another session. It’s just walking, so you don’t have to be in a gym to do it.


Is there a work out program that goes with the V-Diet? I wasn’t aware?


[quote]jedpac wrote:
Is there a work out program that goes with the V-Diet? I wasn’t aware?[/quote]

The tab called “Velocity Training” when you’re at the V-Diet area. Once there, there are two tabs to read that contain the instructions and program. Start here: