Week 1 + 1.8lbs?!


I started Velocity last Saturday and I really have been religious about adhering to the program, so you could imagine my disappointment when not only did I not lose any weight, I gained nearly 2lbs this week! I’m a 5’6" 27 year old female and my starting weight was 131. I was really hoping that the V diet would help me reach my goal of 125/120lbs :frowning:

First, make sure you’re following the weighing guidelines exactly: morning, fasted, same scale, same clothes, etc. There can be a 6 pound difference weighing at different times of the day.

Second, keep in mine that body weight fluctuates, especially with females’ cycles. Scale weight is not that important, especially if you’re gaining metabolism-boosting muscle, as many do on the V-Diet. What’s more important is body composition. Are you taking the tape measurements? What are they telling you?

There is some wiggle room in the V-Diet. You can drop one scoop of protein out of the day’s total, and cut the flax seed in half if you’re doing that part. But don’t drop more than that or you could lose muscle and affect metabolism.

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