We Made It!

Day 28 and down 11 pounds and 16 inches. I am very excited to be able to eat once a day. I have to admit out of all the “diets” I have been on this has been the most amazing yet easy to follow. After about day 3 I was in the “groove”. I was hoping to see more weight loss but am very pleased with my inches. 5 inches lost around the waist…that is amazing.

I am planning on doing the velocity diet in January of every year. This ia an excellant way to reset your eating habits as well as your taste buds and clean the old body out of all the crap we tend to like and eat.

My son has managed to stay on it also. I believe he is down 10 pounds but not sure on the inches. I know he stayed on it this time because he could not stand it if I made it and he didn’t. It is really nice to have someone on it it with you.

I absolutely have become a gym junkie. Im the 45 year only mom in the gym and I LOVE IT. I have had so much support there it has really made a difference. Learning all these new excercises and building on them every week is really fun. I feel very comfortable in a weight room now. It can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing.

Thank you so much for this amazing diet! It has changed my life.

Kim Hausam

Nice work, Kim!

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