We Did It!


We completed the V-Diet today in it’s entirety. Not a single cheat moment and we did nearly all the workouts… missing a few NEPA’s. Here are our results:


and my photo’s:


Dave lost 15Lbs and I’ve lost 17.5Lbs.

If anyone is interested in measurements (because Chris says that’s what REALLY counts…) we will post them later today.

Whoooo!! Hooooo!! ((Very happy lady!))

If anyone is thinking about doing this diet… you can see that it works. But you do have to be 100% fully committed and unwavering. :slight_smile:


Here are our measurements. In Lbs and Inches…


Wow, great job guys. I’m on day 6 myself so seeing stuff like this is very motivating!


[quote]AceQHounddog wrote:
Wow, great job guys. I’m on day 6 myself so seeing stuff like this is very motivating![/quote]

Well done to you too! Keep going … even through the bad moments… you wont regret it. :slight_smile: Even more commendible that you’re doing it through the Christmas period when all those yummy treats are calling your name.


I wanted to put up a post Christmas update. What happens after the V-Diet?
Well we were pretty good over Christmas with the food, we obviously had some treats but in moderation. I ended up putting on about 4.5Lbs in ten days… but that was completely off the V-Diet and there was zero exercise happening.

Since the new year I have been back on the V-Diet but having a HSM about every 2 to 3 days. In this first week I’ve lost 6Lbs. (and VERY happy with that!) I’m sitting at 165… with the aim of getting down to 140. (I’m 40 & 5’6")

The V-Diet has definetly reset my eating habits and for once I’ve found something that helps me to lose weight. It’s easy having shakes and keeping track of calories. Plus I think having V days and only a few HSM’s a week, keeps the metabolism guessing.

I am back in the gym again and loving it. Plans this year are to get back out and do some endurance cycling events (I will have to eat a bit more around those times) and to snowboard and Scuba dive.

If you’re doing the V-Diet - well done! Commit & Achieve!


BIG changes!!! Congrats to both of you. I’m assuming you guy’s have had to purchase some new clothes?!?

Will have to look in to this V-Diet…


Congo-Rats Guys!!! Keep it up!!! I just started Day 4, and feel great!!!