Water Weight and Drinking Water


I apologize if you’ve addressed this I’m having a heck of a time navigating this website so trying to get through all the pages of questions without receiving error messages is impossible…

Anyways my question is I’m on day 8 of the V-Diet and dropped 4 lbs which I think is alot of water weight because I’m going to the bathroom all the time, which is fine I’m wondering if I need to recover this water. I know in the past when I was working out I would drink tons of water to help the pursuit of muscle so I guess I’m confused right now. I’m not sure when to drink alot of water and when not.


It’s never a bad idea to drink as much water as you can. (Unless you’re a day out from a bodybuilding show of course.)

Body fluid fluctuations can come from muscle glycogen, even inflammation. So it can be a tricky issue. You want lots of “water” in your muscles for that full look; you don’t want it subcutaneous, which would soften or blur your abs (assuming you’re already quite lean.)

Just think of this: most people walk around under-hydrated, which can cause you to hang on to too much “water.” Drinking lots of water can actually make you look less bloated and “water-logged”.

Long story short: drink as much water as you want, and probably more, regardless of what the scale says.


Thanks so much for the advice! Just wondering though, how can you keep it in the muscles vs. subcutaneous, do you have to lose most of the fat first for this to happen?


That can get pretty complex, and it’s always fluctuating. There are things you can do to maximize intramuscular water and minimize under-the-skin-water, but those are pretty temporally and only used for pre-bodybuilding show.

Really, it’s mostly minutia. Don’t eat bad carbs that make you hold water in a bloated-look way, eliminate any possible allergens or food sensitivities (gluten), and drink plenty of water. That’s really all you can do daily for the long haul.