Water, Fat, or Muscle?

So as I am on the second go at the V-Diet I have a question that I never asked last time.

This time around I’ve gone from 219.6lbs to 211 lbs after 3 days and last time in January I went from about 240 lbs to 233 lbs after 3 days. I understand the concept of water weight loss, however since my weight never rebounded at all upon finishing the diet the first time and moving to regular eating (post transition phase), is it possible that the water weight concept isn�??t really important? When I go back to “normal” eating and don�??t gain anything back does that mean that I’ve also lost enough fat (hopefully not muscle) that its evened out with the increased water retention?

As well, I understand the issues of weighing in every day but I did it last time and I was cool with daily fluctuation.

Lastly, I do have a question about protein on the diet. I was 220 lbs when I started, should I worry that according to the calorie formula I am only getting 210g of protein on the non-training days, with 235g on training days? I’ve worked my ass off for many years to get down from 350lbs to where I am now and really want to ensure I loose as little muscle as possible. I’ve increased my NEPA to 1hr of walking a day from the 45min I did last time and don�??t want to over do it.
Anyone think I should redo my flax/PB/md intake to increase the protein, or is a 10g difference irrelevant?

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