Warrior Diet + V-Diet = Varrior Diet?


How do people think they’d respond to V-Diets if they had to ingest all shakes, fish oil, nut butter, and flax in a 4 hour window? 6? 8?

Would it help trick the body into thinking it’s overfeeding during those times even though for most the V-Diet is hypocaloric?

Typical workout day: Workout around 4 p.m., chug Surge, drink all meals by 9 p.m., sleep
Typical non-workout day: Start drinking shakes around 5, finish by 9, sleep.

I’d almost say one would have to do this with Grow! Whey instead of Metabolic Drive Low-Carb because of getting too full from Metabolic Drive Low-Carb.


I don’t like it. People whine all day about being too full in the V-Diet. Stuffing that into a shorter window is nuts.

For best results with the V-Diet, do the V-Diet.