Wanting to Lose Weight and Put On Mass

cryany95 asks:

I was needing some help on what to pick out. I am 6’ 4" and weight is 232. I am wanting to lose weight but put on mass too. If y’all could please help me, thank you very much!

I think I get what you mean, but “losing weight” and “putting on mass” are fundamentally opposite. That’s literally trying to get smaller while also getting bigger.

You can lose fat and look leaner by adding or preserving muscle, and that’ll have you looking tons better. It’s what most people are after. But if your goal is, like, “be 250 pounds with abs”, that’s something different.

Roughly what’s your bodyfat now? If you’re already lean with some definition, it means one route will work. If you’re “skinny fat” with love handles, it means we need a different approach.

In general, this article explains a pretty solid nutrition plan for dropping fat while preserving muscle. This training routine from Chad Waterbury is also a good place to start.

Once you settle on a training and diet plan, workout nutrition is the first thing to get into place. Plazma is top of the list, with the best formula to maximize recovery. Workout nutrition is always the base, and after that, it’s a matter of what else you wanted to target, supplement-wise, and how in-depth you wanted to get.

Indigo-3G is a great choice for any kind of body recomposition (build muscle/drop fat combo) because it helps your body use the carbs in your diet more efficiently. Micro-PA helps your body respond to a training stimulus with more growth. Either, or both, of those would be a good call.

Ok thank you very much I do have love handles and a gut. My biggest thing is I want to be where you can muscle def. So would it be easier to lose wight frist then build. I do want abs too.

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