Wanting to Be Normal

I’m on day ten. This is my first post here. I’ve lost 5 pounds so far. I’m feeling healthy and fit and starting to look good. But I want eat. I want chew I want to socialize. I’m not really craving anything and I’mot that hungry. I just want to be normal. I’ve got my healthy meal tomorrow and I’ll be eating it with my girlfriend. How did you guys handle this feeling?



Normal is overrated. Normal is unhealthy, unmotivated and unwilling to change or do something hard to get something better.

In the 3 times I’ve done the diet, I just kind of became a hermit and avoided social gatherings and temptations. The massive results help with the feeling. Biggest suggestion is to mix a few scoops of the chocolate MD with crunchy peanut butter into a pudding state. Best part of my VDiet grind.

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