Want to Start V-Diet, Need More Mass?


I’ve wanted to start the V-Diet since this plan was invented. I don’t know if I should wait and pack on some more mass or if it is for me period. I’m trying to do it before my job starts sending me out to travel next year just to get a little stubborn fat off my midsection but as you can see from my pictures my legs need some work.

Here’s some stats:
Height 5’11"
Weight 204.2 lbs
Bodyfat 26% (guessing still have to measure)
Chest 40"
Arms 15"
Hips 41.5"
Waist 36"
Thighs 21.5"
Calves 15"
Forearms 11"
Shoulders 17"
Neck 16"




side profile


front leg


back leg


Just looking for people’s opinions before I buy everything.


I think it’s fine to start it now. If you have fat to lose, it’s better to lose it first before jumping into a mass plan. Otherwise the mass plan just garners a lot of excessive fat gain. So, losing the fat first is best for most people. I say go for it.


A few other questions.

I am about to be hired full time at this job that requires me to travel and when I travel I am on call 24 hrs and the work is very physical. I plan on getting all my workouts in and shakes, but if I am up in the middle of the night how bad will it be if have a shake or more so I can survive the night!? I guess my biggest obstacle is my demanding job. I plan on keeping VERY detailed logs through my phone and on paper. So I guess I may not know unless I try.

How long should I wait after the V-Diet until I start a mass program? Like I said my legs a skinny and I want to pack some mass on them with a program that focuses on my legs.

I know I had a few other questions, just can’t remember at the moment.

I’m excited about starting this exactly on Jan 1st 2012!

  1. Just try to get in the required number of shakes every day. If you’re up in the middle of the night for work, then I assume you’ll sleep through part of the day. So just shoot to get all the shakes in, however you have to spread them. An extra one-scoop shake is probably fine if needed.

  2. Finish the V-Diet first, focus on it, THEN worry about planning a mass diet. One thing at a time.