Want to Start Today, But it's Tuesday

I would really like to start the V-Diet today, but the problem is my order has not shipped yet. I know I will have the shipment this afternoon, so I was thinking that I could start the diet this morning with my Whey protein shake mixed with the flax meal then go home during lunch in hopes that my shipment will be there (then take the supps that I missed).

If its not there yet, I actually have two scoops of Metabolic Drive left that I can use until the evening.

In addition to my hesitation to start the diet this way, I want to know what peoples opinions are on starting this on a Tuesday? I plan on doing my first workout today, but I will probably have to do the second workout tomorrow because of my work schedule later in the week. I could do the second workout Thursday, but Saturday my gym is not open (so my 3rd w/o would have to be Friday).

I know none of this is ideal, that’s why I decided to post and ask for opinions. Do you think its acceptable to start today given the circumstances? Or, should I wait til next week?

Wait for your order. Start Monday.

Spend the time between now and Monday reading the entire V-Diet plan and becoming familiar with the workouts.

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