Want to Maintain VDiet - Sydney Australia

Responded really well to the first 4 weeks of the Vdiet. Lost 4kg of fat and finally can see some abs coming through.

I guess my question is - how would you plan it if I wanted to stay on this diet for good ? I can honestly say I eat very healthy all the time but I find this diet is so perfect to maintain my perfect weight however I’m concerned it might have a longer negative affect.

Also, the first 4 weeks I didn’t touch any booze but it’s simple not realistic to continue that forever. Would you recommend less shakes on days I’m going to have a few drinks ? Monday to Thursday is booze free but Friday and Saturday night there is always something on, how would you manage this ?

Last question - I live in Australia - Sydney and I hate paying the shipping, do you know if Metobolic Drive will ever become available in our supplement shops ?

  1. Wow, great results!

  2. Many people do choose to stay on a modified V-Diet for longer periods. This is perfectly fine with the new V-Diet plan and daily HSM. I wouldn’t modify it too much if drinking. Booze is nutrition-free so you don’t want to think only about calories. But with added booze a couple of days per week, it would almost be like calorie cycling (5 days lower calories, 2 days moderate to higher calories.) You could have a smaller HSM or drop one shake, but again we don’t want you malnourished. Another idea is to do a “Pulse Fast” the Monday after a partying weekend. This is where you have a serving of Mag-10 every 3 hours or so and no solid food. It’s like a super one-day V-Diet to make up for the fun weekend.

  3. Contact Biotest at about your other question. There may be a country-specfic coupon code available to you that would offset the shipping costs. Buying locally (if it’s even possible) may end up costing you more due to adding a middle man.

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