Want to be a Hot Mama

Hey everyone, so I have been lurking and wanted to post a question. So I want to do the V-Diet, but the hubby is not okay with spending all the money on it. He has seen me spend money on other diet related things and seen me fail.

So I just ordered the low-carb shakes, HOT-ROX and Flameout and am going to do a V-Diet lite version. I figure 2-3 shakes a day and 1-2 HSM’s and do all the workouts. I know that if I can do this for a couple of weeks and show him I can do it then he will okay the whole V-Diet purchase.

I know he knows it will do wonders for my positive self-image but I also know he doesn’t want to throw away over 500 bucks.

So I want to know any thoughts on this, and also is it okay to post my before pictures here and stats even though I am not doing the full vdiet right away. I really need the accountability and would love to have that here by showing you all where I am starting from. I just had my 3rd baby two months ago and am very anxious to get rid of this baby weight and become lean and trim.

Thanks everyone and I hope to become a V-Diet success story like everyone here!!! And here is a shout out to my big brother who has successfully completed the V-Diet three times and has given me tons of info to get my healthy lifestyle going! Thank you, Tim!

Who wouldn’t want to look at a hot mama?

Do it, do it.


I’m currently doing the V-DIET and one thing I can say is that so far I’ve been saving money. The $500 is a lot of money up front, but considering that you don’t have to buy real food for 4 weeks, it ends up saving you money. Especially because I’m not going out to eat / drink on the weekends like I usually do.

It really can’t do any harm…all it can do is help. I understand with this economy the $$$$…my business has been rough for the last couple of years. Perform all the workouts and stick to your eating plan that you set forth…maybe not the exact V-diet but again, it should produce results. My trainer preaches 70% nutrition 30% gym so watch your diet program regardless of what it is.

I hated the idea of the forum but by all means, post…I have grown to love the support that this forum provides and honestly when I have thought about skipping workouts or cheating on the diet, I felt that I would let the community down…accountability really sucks sometimes!

Go for it, be a HOT MAMA. We have your back!

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