Wannabe Powerlifter on V-Diet

I’m coming off my first powerlifting competition, and I’m addicted to the sport and plan to keep competing. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, but I weighed in at a tubby 189–twenty pounds more than I’ve been for the past two years.

You see, under a false assumption of what powerlifters eat, I added this thing to my diet leading up to the contest called “everything”. I put on some muscle for sure, but…well, you know. Not 20lbs’ worth.

There is just no way in Hell that I should be in the 198lb class, at least not for a few years. Really, if I am brutally honest, I wouldn’t lose a lot of muscle to fit in the 165lb class, but I can’t bring myself to accept that out loud.

So after reading that Jesus himself (known here on Earth in his human form as “Dan John”) recommends the Velocity Diet, I’m doing it.

The thing is, I worked really, REALLY kind-of hard to add a modest amount to my total over the course of 6 months, and every diet I’ve ever gone on has sapped my strength. And the training program for the V-diet calls for sets of more than one rep with less than 30 minutes of rest in between, which frightens and confuses me. So I bastardized my own training program, and I was looking for thoughts:

Lift M,W,F, V-burn challenge Sat
Walk 2 miles every day


A: Work up to heavy single of training max in main lift (I’ve chosen Wide Stance Box Squats, Floor Presses, and Low Handle Trap Bar Deadlift for this program). Rest one minute between sets.

B-1: Pulling exercise 5-15 reps
B-2: Assistance exercise for Day 2 main lift x 5-10
B-3: Assistance exercise for Day 3 main lift x 5-10

3 Rounds, rest :45 between exercises. It amounts to a full body circuit on all three days with less rest than I’m used to, so I get gassed very quick.

So for instance, Monday was:

A: Wide stance box squat -worked up to training max x 1

B-1: Incline bench press x 5
B-2: Reverse grip bent-over row x 6
B-3: Hip thrust x 15

And I’ll do the V-burn Challenge. But I refuse to like it.

I’m 12 days into the diet and I’m already down 9lbs while still hitting my training max from before the diet, so I’m very happy so far. Still, any thoughts on my training?

Ha! Best post ever! Channeling some Dan-Johnian humor!

It’s tough to focus on strength training while dieting for fat loss, but it can be done. Taking care of workout nutrition is a big part of it. I would suggest sipping some of your Surge Recovery right before training as well. No need to go into that type of workout in a low-carb state.

Your plan looks solid. Focus on the powerlifting work. The V-Burn isn’t enough to interfere with strength work and the walking never interferes with anything, so the more the better there.

I’d expect the weight loss to slow from this point on, but not stop. That’s typical for most people, and it doesn’t mean you’re not still losing body fat. The first week or so is just rapid for those who’ve been on the “everything” diet.

You probably know this, but just a tip: once you weigh in, feel free to carb back up the the day of the meet.

Thanks Chris! I like the idea of splitting up the Surge to pre- and post-workout, and it seemed to give me a little more “pop” today.

I usually lose a lot of weight on the first week of any diet, and I assume it’s mostly water and stored glycogen. Or something. Anyway, I know the weight loss won’t continue at this rate, but I’d like to see another inch or so off my naval and have a safe cushion for a long, slow, and clean(ish) bulk back to my competition weight. No pizzas before dinner like last time, pinky swear.

I’ll post my before and after photos here in about two weeks. Thanks again for the feedback!

Awesome. Keep us posted!

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