Wanna Be Hot Mom's V-Diet Journey

Great Job!!! Its very motivating!!

Awesome progress! Thanks for the inspiration!

Well, Phase I is complete… a total loss of 14 lbs and 19 inches…I am pretty happy. I improved on my V-Burn this weekend as well…I wasn’t feeling well and was so freaked out about not at least making my time that I beat it by over a minute…did sacrifice a little on form (but my husband claims it wasn’t too noticable) (previous week 13:31, this week 12:18).

I have set my week of HSM dinners up well so that I can continue to eat clean…thanks to my family for not complaining too much…Still not seeing the definition I was hoping for…guess I have more insulation that I thought…but I do feel strong…I have busted through my plateau and I can’t wait to go back to doing insane lifting with my husband in two more weeks. Thanks everyone for your comments and support…its been so helpful to know there are a lot of people who get this and all that it involves.

Weight 195 (-14)
BF 34 (-4.8%)
Neck 13.25 (-1)
Shoulders 42.5 (-2.75)
Chest (Upper) 43.5 (-1.50)
Chest (Lower) 37 (-2)
Waist (Navel) 35.5 (-2.25)
Waist (Largest) 43 (-2)
Hips (Largest) 46 (-2)
Upper Arm - L 14 (-0.50)
Upper Arm - R 14.25 (-0.25)
Upper Leg - L 26.5 (-1)
Upper Leg - R 25.5 (-2.25)
Lower Leg - L 16.5 (-0.50)
Lower Leg - R 17 (-0.50)
Ankle - L 8.5 (-0.25)
Ankle - R 8.5 (-0.25)
TOTAL (-19)

GREAT JOB! Thats a lot of lbs and a butt load of inches! You should be very proud of yourself. I am starting my V-Diet 2 today! Keep up the good work and more importantly the good choices.


do you have an uptodate photo. i’d love to see how you’re doing now that you’re in phase II. i’m on day 14 and feeling quite good and happy with how things are progressing…

Wow great progress you made. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pictures as well. What is your next program?

Well, finally…my last picture after Velocity…it is not apparent to me in this picture where the 25 inches went…but I started the V-Diet at a size 18 (lane Bryant)…and now I can wear size 15 juniors (JCPenny)…that speaks more than anything else…I am back to heavy lifting on weekends with my hubby, cardio during the week…

still eating pretty clean…fiber choice has a permanent place in my diet…I log all food and aim for a daily net 1200 calories…I still have 30 more pounds to my first goal weight (165)…I have been really focused this entire year on reconstructing my body…I am down a total of 50 pounds…avg a slight bit over 1 pound per week …at least this is a healthy pace.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and sharing your journey…if you can make it through the Velocity 3.0 as prescribed…you can do whatever you set your mind to…this is not a physically challenging test…it is all about the mind-games…who will win, you or your weakness…?

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