Wanna Be Hot Mom's V-Diet Journey

Some background…My husband and I have changed our lives this year…we have been working out 5-6 days a week and closely logging our food intake for the last 9 months…we have lost 115 lbs combined this year…(I have lost 40 lbs)…

I have progressed quite well in the weight training (I really enjoy it). My 1 RM for squats on the smith machine is 180…I don’t think this is too bad for a beginner…I have only moved two pounds in the last two months (I think I have been gaining muscle…but am trying not to be delusional)…

I can feel the rocks underneath the fat…time to eradicate the fat and let the muscles show themselves…The Velocity Diet should help me move closer to my goal…

Today is day one…I just realized I really don’t like sweets…this is going to be interesting…Biotest have you thought of a chicken broth or beef broth or even a tomato based soup type protein (dare I say shake) variant?

I am starting on Saturday so I will do my NEPA today and my V-burn challenge tomorrow (yes, I am adding an extra one in) and begin the weights on Monday.

Tried to add a little vanilla protein powder in with my coffee…not recommended…unless you like chunks in your coffee…I will try to blend it with water before adding it next time…or maybe blend my shake with coffee instead of water…

My starting measurements:

38 years old
Height - 5’6
Weight â?? 209
Neck â?? 14.25
Shoulders â?? 45.25
Chest (Upper) â?? 45
Chest (Lower) - 39
Waist (Navel) â?? 37.75
Waist (Largest) - 45
Hips (Largest) - 48
Upper Arm - L â?? 14.5
Upper Arm - R â?? 14.5
Upper Leg - L â?? 27.5
Upper Leg - R â?? 27.75
Lower Leg - L - 17
Lower Leg - R â?? 17.5
Ankle - L â?? 8.75
Ankle - R â?? 8.75

I would like to thank my husband for changing his workout to help support me and offering to cook all the meals for everyone else in the family so I am not tormented with that whole process…hopefully I can look as hot for you as you look for me in the next 6 weeks!!!

Ha! I was just telling my husband that I wish there was an ‘unflavored’ Metabolic Drive. I am so over sweet stuff, here on day 20 of the V-Diet, that a savory shake would really be tasty right now.

I make shakes with cold brewed coffee on occasion from time to time. Mixed with Chocolate it is pretty good. Mixed with vanilla is not bad either.

Good luck with your journey. We’ll be here to cheer or push you.

20 days I feel like such a newbie…thanks for the wishes…and the tips…will have to give the chilled coffee a try…

I cut the sweet out of the chocolate shake with 2 or 3 drops or peppermint extract. Makes the darn thing taste like a Thin Mint Girls scout cookie! Good Luck!


Thanks Narives!

I am looking for any help I can get…Day 2 down…I have been staring at my last shake for 30 minutes now and even with the draw of the peanut butter I can’t seem to stomach the idea…
I did figure out that if I do the Superfood with the flax it is a non-sweet drink…followed by more lovely sweetness of the protein shake…

I was very excited about the possibilities of the Surge…thinking raspberry, how can you mess that up…and it smelled so good…It even looked nice and clear, not milky…awesome…no, it tastes like concentrated cotton candy syrup…yuk!!!

On a high note, did my first V-Burn challenge, it was hard but I did it…and my husband, bless him down to his toes, in a show of solidarity did a full set after me…to appreciate what I was going through.

Only 26 more days…only 6 days until my first HSM!!! There will be grilling and spinach. I am stubborn enough to hold out…

Today is my day three…my first weight training day as I did things a little backwards starting on a Saturday and doing a V-Burn challenge on Sunday…I guess my standard weight training must be a bit more extreme than I thought…this was way too easy…I thought that the weights were okay but clearly I need to up the weight so I can prolong the sets…

I did:
85 lbs Squats - took 6 sets
15 lbs dumbbell bench - took 4 sets
50 lbs bent over row - took 6 sets
40/45 plank

On the eating (or rather drinking front) I still hate these shakes…oh well…some creative ways to eat the non-sweet plan items…the flax…if you add warm water to the flax in a bowl and stir it, you get what resembles malt-o-meal…very yummy and not sweet…also, the Superfood…put that in a mug with warm (not hot) water and drink it like a broth…very nice and once again even though there are berries it is more bitter than sweet…thank God!

Surge…well I tried to lick the powder and chase it with water…took too long…so I added a little bit of water and made it into a paste and then took byt the spoonful and chased it with a lot of water…kinda gross but it didn’t take me over two hours like it did on V-Burn day to get it down…waiting for my flavorings to be delivered…and I ordered more vanilla…hope this helps…I feel much better though having successfully gotten through my first work day…just one more shake to go…oh yeah and peanut butter (this is salty too and too good to mar by putting into a shake)…oh, so I might as well post my before shot…need proof of my progress for my after…

End of day 4…still can’t get through all of the shakes but tried Narives suggestion of adding peppermint to the chocolate and that was helpful…yep, it cuts the sweet a bit, thank you Narives!!!

Did my NEPA…started today with a major headache…only 24 more days to go…

It gets better, just takes time. By now I’m pretty used to it. Surge still gets me, but as for the shakes you’ll get acclimated and then you’ll be alright.

Wow! You’re having a rough go at it.

I have to admit, I bought a bottle of MB when I was deciding to do the diet. I had to be sure I loved the shakes before committing to the diet. Otherwise, I knew I wouldn’t be able to drink the same thing, each and every meal, each and every day.

Your first HSM day is going to be rough. After eating some real food it will be difficult to go back to drinking shakes you simply do not like to drink.

Now is the time to get your mental metal together and start some positive self-talk that will help you persevere. You will need to call upon it when the next meal comes around and it’s time to switch back to shakes.

Day 7, yay tomorrow is HSM day!!! I have to say while I don’t enjoy the shakes I have not been hungry for the last week…I have started noticing that things smell differently then they used to, a lot more things absolutely reek but others smell surprisingly good…ketchup and mustard are currently my favorite things to smell…kinda weird.

I’ve been doing my NEPA daily and my weight days, I upped the weights and felt the workout, while short, was at least satisfying…I have to use 72 ounces of water per scoop of Surge (with three packets of true lime (non-calorie crystallized lime - a must for water) to get it down…but I am making progress…

I really think I can do this…I am a freaky daily weigher…been dieting for 9 months before starting the v-diet, old habits die hard…but I appear to be down by 6 pounds…the official weekly weigh in will be before my v-burn challenge and my HSM tomorrow…I will do more measurements then too…but I am very happy with my body response to this program…now just to get my tastebuds on the bus.

Thank you everyone who has dropped in for comments and support, I really appreciate your help!

Keep going!

As for the weight… meh. It fluctuates and can drive you crazy! Focus on the inches. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Agreed! Focus on inches. I am not expecting my overall weight drop to be big, but my inches really tell the story…

HSM day!!! Also v-burn challenge - my first v-burn was 29 minutes (I added one to the first day)…I was quite dismayed over my paltry timing and was committed to beating that time significantly…this weeks challenge took my only 20 minutes and 16 seconds!!! Much better!

I did my weekly weigh and measure I am very happy with the results of one week…I have figured out how to cope with the shakes…and I only have three more weeks to go in this first phase and I am feeling very good…

Weight 202(-7)
BF 35.2%(-3.6%)
Neck 13.25(-1)
Shoulders 44.25(-1)
Chest (Upper) 44.5(-0.5)
Chest (Lower) 39(0)
Waist (Navel) 36.5(-1.25)
Waist (Largest) 43(-2)
Hips (Largest) 47.75(-0.25)
Upper Arm L 14(-0.5)
Upper Arm R 14(-0.5)
Upper Leg L 27.75(gained 0.25)
Upper Leg R 27.5 (-0.25)
Lower Leg L 16.5(-0.5)
Lower Leg R 17(-0.5)
Ankle L 8.5(-0.25)
Ankle R 8.5(-0.25)
Total inch loss (-8.5)

Now on to my HSM…Filet Mignon…dry rubbed and bbq’d, paprika shrimp (also grilled), Grilled Bellpepper & Red Onion, Spinach Salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, and a little bit of avocado…steamed broccoli and for dessert, grilled nectarine and coffee…didn’t get too stuffed so I don’t feel bad…I feel fortified for the week ahead!!!

We’ll see how tomorrow goes…

It has been crazy week so I have not been able to take the time to post… I have been doing my daily NEPA and my weight training…I have been fantasizing about really bad food…but if it is just a fantasy I might as make is as naughty as I can…had a nightmare though last night…I ate one of those horrible freezer bean & cheese burritos and didn’t realize until the last bite that I had eaten something and total panic set in…then I woke up…

Tomorrow is my HSM and I actually have a party to go to…I helped organize the event so I know exactly what food will be there and have planned what I will eat accordingly, there will be fish and veges and fruit, sushi, and roast beef…will miss out on the wine but I can be the designated driver…

Looking forward to my v-burn challenge as well tomorrow…really starting to feel low on energy but it could just be the really stressful week…more tomorrow…

Not bad results from baseline…4.25 inches gone in the last week…the shakes are more manageable… I actually went to a party and nursed sparkling water all evening…it was an odd experience…bought Juniors jeans…that was a nice…my body is definitely different this time thanks to the weight training…looking forward to more amazing results…improved my V-burn challenge by 3 minutes to 16:47 (from 19:58)…all-in-all not a bad week.

Weight 201 (-8.00)
BF 34.2% (-4.60%)
Neck 13.5 (-0.75)
Shoulders 43.5 (-1.75)
Chest (Upper) 44 (-1.00)
Chest (Lower) 38.5 (-0.50)
Waist (Navel) 36 (-1.75)
Waist (Largest) 43 (-2.00)
Hips (Largest) 47.75 (-0.25)
Upper Arm - L 14.5 (0.00)
Upper Arm - R 14.5 (0.00)
Upper Leg - L 26.5 (-1.00)
Upper Leg - R 25.5 (-2.25)
Lower Leg - L 16.5 (-0.50)
Lower Leg - R 17 (-0.50)
Ankle - L 8.5 (-0.25)
Ankle - R 8.5 (-0.25)
TOTAL Inch Loss (-12.75)

Great job! I can imagine that it took tons of will power to nurse a sparkling water at a party… You can do anything now! Keep up the good work


Thanks Narives!

Well I am in the home stretch for phase I…only 9 more days, single digits…yay!!!

not much to say…doing the NEPA and weights…looking forward to Saturday’s HSM…lime cilantro chicken with avocado and tomato salsa with black beans and grilled red onions, bell peppers and zucchini…I don’t think I will eat anything sweet ever again after this is over…

OMG… I think your Saturday HSM just gave me a foodgasm!

Great job! You’re almost there. :smiley:

Tomorrow is day 28…YAY, I made it…at least through phase one…I forgot to post my measurements from the weekend. I am very happy with my measurements and my weight loss…I am hoping to see a little more definition…but I still have two more weeks…this has been one major mental challenge…I improved my V-burn challenge over the previous weekend from 16:47 to 13:31…not expecting that there is much more room for improvement…now I will just focus on trying to make those pushups just a bit deeper…overall not a bad week…

Weight 196 (-13)
BF 34% (-4.80%)
Neck 13.5 (-0.75)
Shoulders 42.5 (-2.75)
Chest (Upper) 44 (-1.00)
Chest (Lower) 37 (-2.00)
Waist (Navel) 36 (-1.75)
Waist (Largest) 43 (-2.00)
Hips (Largest) 47 (-1.00)
Upper Arm - L 14.5 (0.00)
Upper Arm - R 14.5 (0.00)
Upper Leg - L 26.5 (-1.00)
Upper Leg - R 25.5 (-2.25)
Lower Leg - L 16.5 (-0.50)
Lower Leg - R 17 (-0.50)
Ankle - L 8.5 (-0.25)
Ankle - R 8.5 (-0.25)
TOTAL (-16 inches)

[quote]edge982 wrote:
OMG… I think your Saturday HSM just gave me a foodgasm!

Great job! You’re almost there. :D[/quote]

It was worthy of foodgasm status!!!

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