Waleeds V-Diet Log

So this is the first time i’m really doing the whole logging and journaling thing but i actually think it’ll be very helpful as a medium and outlet to get my thoughts out since i’m doing it alone.

I’ve tried several diets and im in pretty good shape but i’ve never been able to break that layer of fat over everything and get into the sub 10%bf. I don’t have any expectations with this diet, i just plan to follow it exactly as it is proposed and see where the results take me.

I was hoping to have started it today but unfort the supplements (ordered last tues) didn’t make it in time, they should be waiting for me today (mon 2/23) when i get home. I didn’t wanna wait a whole nother week to get started so I plan to start the workout in the gym tonight and just add an extra day of the diet.

Looking forward to getting started and I’ll post my measurements later tonight/tomorrow

Hey Waleed, welcome! Nice work getting started despite a small setback. You’re already one step ahead.

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
Hey Waleed, welcome! Nice work getting started despite a small setback. You’re already one step ahead. [/quote]


Day 1:

  • itsa bout 10 am and i just finished my first shake. some of my initial thoughts - def needed a blender for this shake, luckily i found in my work kitchen
  • the taste is going to take getting used to…i’m gonna be totally open my first sip i thought “it’s gonna be a long 28 days” but by the end of the shake i was already getting used to the taste

I did my first workout yesterday and i followed as closely as i could to the recomendations, but understandlby, it’s gotta get smoother as i struggled to find the correct weights

  • Also I find myself a little concerned about the timing of the workout - i ussually spend nearly 2 hours a day in the gym between lifting and cardio and i know time doesn’t equal results but its gonna take some trust to accept 30 mins or so will accomplish the same results
    -kinda difficult doing this alone, i usually do all my workouts and diets with a partner but couldn’t get him to cross with me into the V-diet. already i’m finding it’s oing to take some lifestyle altercations as we have a meeting tonight at a restuarant with a business partner and a party on satarday night which i’d normally get drunk at that im gonna have to watch from the sideline

Back to work - feeling pretty full right now tho, so that’s good

I had a trainer at a gym I used to go to tell me once that a couple hours in the gym is not necessary at all. Even if it does include cardio. He said you could get everything done that you needed to get done within an hour, IF cardio was part of it.

If not, 25-40 minutes of weight training was more than sufficient assuming you pushed yourself and didnt have 5 minute rest periods.

He was also a believer in instead of sitting there for 1.5-2 minutes resting, move to another body part and do that and then go back to another set of the previous body part. So each muscle group does get to rest while you use another muscle group. I know there’s a name for that type of workout and for the life of me I cant remember. Im sure you know what it is.

Watching everybody else get drunk from the sidelines looks like it might be boring but it actually starts to get hilarious as you are the only sober one seeing everybody turn into complete fools and becoming something other than their usual selves.

Also, you will be able to remember the things (funny and not so funny) they might not and could become the dude with the master key to their closet full of skeletons! They’ll revere you and fear you!! Rawr!

Guess thats the only way I have to look at it when Im in the same situation…makes me feel better instead of being all pissed off because Im not able to join in the drunken fun.

Eat a shake before you go to the business meeting if that’s possible?

Gotta say Austin, loving the support.

I used to be a trainer in college and I know it’s not beneficial to do all that but i was following this diet by Lyle Mcdonald called the Ultimate Diet 2.0 which required you to deplete all ur glycogen but doing many reps of lite wieghts- he claimed it took 12 sets of 15-20 per body part to fully deplete and that was done over 2 days.

I guess I took him on his word - but I’ve always been one to do a lot in the gym and while I know that I could be just as effictive in the 30-40 minutes it’s gonna take some getting used to and easing my mind that it’s just as effective. I can def use some of the free time tho - so that’s more than welcomed.

What your refering to is either supersetting or circuit training, I believe. I was reading on the V-diet training and Chad Waterbury actually said he would’ve suggested the V-diet training to be a circuit but he was worried about all the complaints of not being able to keep occupy 3-4 machines at once in a public gym.

Love your positive outlook on the drinking -nice and refreshing…while i don’t think it’ll be as fun as drinking with them it may get me through the next couple occasions. Ultimately the girl Im “dating” will get her wish and we’ll be doing a lot more pjs/movie sat nights now.

It’s only the first day of the diet for me so Im not to worried about my cravings etc. I’ll have a shake right before it should get me through it. I’ll just have to talk to them about doing it elsewhere going forward becuase I can’t see watching poeple eat for an hour being much fun come weeks 3/4

Starting: 3/24(post day 1)

Weight - 205.2

Day 2 -

About 12pm on day 2 and I’ve had one shake already…side note: i usually get up around 5 and leave my house rushed around 545 to commute to the city and I have a 730 meeting everyday at work - yesterday i made my shake right after that around 8 but in thinking about it and discussing it i realized i really need to make time to have my shake right after i get up so i’ll be aiming to do that going forward.

anyway, the shakes are tasting better and better to me as I go

Also, weighed myself last night and was shocked at how out of shape i’ve become - i’m 5’11 and 205 is the heaviest i’ve ever been.

My gym partner and I are arguing over the direction of current diet - while im obviously doing the V-Diet he’s not convinced and claims to be getting tired of all the “gimmick” diet so he’s basically going the route of eating 1500-2000 well balanced cals a day and doing the normal cardio and work outs (about 100-150 g of carbs). We’re both documenting each day in food logs and here and we’ll be comparing results as we go and once the 28 day period is over.

Oh, good to have somebody there doing something else that you can physically see and compare to. Although of course we are partial to the V-Diet right now, doesnt mean what he is doing is wrong, but Im betting you’ll come out on top.

If you ask me, “gimmick” diets are those that say you can take this pill or wear this patch and sit on your ass and/or eat whatever you want at the same time. “Gimmicks” promise one thing, and their poster dieters they use to advertise with are always “NOT TYPICAL RESULTS”.

V-Diet is an “extreme” program blatantly involving diet and exercise, not just a diet, and the awesome results ARE typical. As a matter of fact, it is not typical results when someone does NOT see any changes on the V-Diet. Instead of the small print on the back of that diet pill bottle reading “use with good nutrition and exercise”, implying that the diet pill is what does most of the work, good nutrition and exercise are the fundamentals of this one.

Your friend is having trouble differentiating between the two descriptions. Probably because he hasnt bothered to look it up and research it before blanketing it with that opinion.

But hey, everybody’s entitled to think what they want, but it’s admirable that you’re sticking with it despite a naysayer.


Sat Morning 3/28 Morning 9:02am took my weight wearing nothing

Weight 198.0

Im about 1 full week in (starting day 8 today) and the alst 2-3 days have been rougher than the first couple days - i went to del friscos steak house in NYC and had them make sure they prepared a plain sweet potato and plain steamed broccili along with my steak - it was 55 dollars for just the 11 ounce filet but honest it was worth every penny - it was the best steak i’ve ever had and the thought and anticipation of next sunday’s HSM has been in my mind more - i’m not worried about failing, just figured talking it out may help with the cravings

other side notes - the first v-burn challenge was much harder than i thought it would be - i only completed 6 cycles and was taking more rest than i should, im actually looking forward to going at it again cuz i hate not being able to finish

HSM sounds like it was wonderful. Glad to see you back; wondered where you went!

You weight loss is on track, what about your measurements and all that? Are you doing that too or just weight?

I started doing the measurements but I was doing them alone and wasn’t getting such inexact numgers cuz i had trouble getting the tape in the right position i decided to just scrap them and document in pictures as much as I can along with weight

I actually think im gonna start taking more weigh ins and pictures- i agree with another thread that i read before, 4 data points isn’t eanough

Thanks for checking in! I’ll try and stay on it more

Sat morn weigh in - 194.2

Sat V-burn 7 cycles in 37:37

Awesome fat loss there; I bet that is some pretty serious motivation!

  • Also I find myself a little concerned about the timing of the workout - i ussually spend nearly 2 hours a day in the gym between lifting and cardio and i know time doesn’t equal results but its gonna take some trust to accept 30 mins or so will accomplish the same results

Hi Walleed,
I think the idea behind the shorter workouts is so that you don’t over tax your central nervous system and are able to recover before the next workout since we’re just consuming liquids. Plus the purpose for the next 4 weeks is to maintain muscle mass while losing fat, whereas on most diets you end up losing some muscle. If you worked out for 2 hours a day on this diet you’d probably lose muscle as well…not to mention pass out :stuck_out_tongue:


so i think im like mid week 3 and def hitting a bump in the road - it’s been really really difficult latley. i work at an investment bank and works’ been crazy busy latley - everyone eats lunch at their desks and i find myself just staring at pizaa for like 10 straight minutes as if it were a hot girl walking by or sometthing.

im getting sick of the shakes, i’ve tried cinanmon, i’ve tried making them hot and the only thing that gets me through the week is the thought of the HSM at the end…i just got my back ordered bannana shakes so that came right in time but i’ve never quit anything in my life and i i’ve had thoughts of just saying eff it, walking down to chipotle and getting a burrito - i prob won’t end up quitting but yest was def my worst day…

thankfully after i got in the gym and saw my results on display for an hour i was reinforced and my cravings went away after the work out

im noticing that the less im in the gym the more i get cravings, when i work out and sweat and see the hard work requried to maintain my body i have no desire to eat anything junky. i guess im just not used to having all these days out of the gym but i may start adding in low cardio ab workouts on the off days in place of nepa since it’s actually getting to the point where a lot of the fat on my abs is getting shaved away and they may be visible in normal day light.

this weekend proves to be the last biggest hurdle, markets close early today and tom is off so ill have a lot time at home with a move variant schedule so it’s not as easy to just follow the routine i do at work - if i can make it throguh the weekend i think next week, being the final countdown will fly and be much easier
trying to get the thoughts on paper

Sat weigh in -

interesting expirement - weighed myself right out of bed 191.6

went to the bathroom to pee - weight right after 190.6

went to the bathroom for #2 30 min later - weighed myself - 189.2

Welcome to …The Grind. No worries, it will all be over sooner than you think. And very funny saturday weight in experiment LOL


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