Waking Up and Feeling Sick Shortly After


Hey Chris, not a major problem yet but wanna make sure it stays that way.

Woke up this morning, had my HOT-ROX, waited a little to have my shake, and when I finally got up to make it I felt a super strong urge to vomit.

My question is…am I sleeping too long after my bedtime meal and my morning meal? It was probably close to 10hours before I had one while sleeping. So should I wake up and have one earlier in the day?



It could be the HRX on empty stomach. I have the same issue. I recall Chris saying that he can’t take HRX on an empty stomach as well. When I do that, I feel nauseous. I now take it with my shakes. For me I had to reduce from 2 HRX to 1. 2 is too much for me.


Some people, like me, can’t take HOT-ROX on an empty stomach or they get nausea. Simply take with the first shake of the day. Still works great.

Oddly, the same thing happens to me with tea on an empty stomach.


I’ll try that thanks!

I remember last summer I used to have a caffeine sensitivity (but more along the lines heart racing, shakes, and that overall feeling of being overwhelmed. Guess its just another form)


It’s probably the yohimbe. Powerful stuff, but can be hard on sensitive stomachs.


Good to know! Hopefully I’ll have all these small things down for the rest of the diet now.

As always, appreciate the quick replies everyone