Wake Up Call

Formerly (about 2 years ago), I was an avid lifter and LOVED training, In fact, I loved it so much that I had opened a training facility specifically for athletes in my area to share my passion with them, and to help them achieve their goals…

I was doing great in the gym, but my personal life was a mess…I was drinking every day and I ended a six year relationship which cost me the better part of 75,000 CASH. Rather than getting it together, I turned to the bottle even harder and became completely apathetic about everything (including my business). I got an opportunity (I say opportunity because I am sure I would have run it into the ground anyway given my antics) to sell my gym and took it, and I returned to my previous job.

Fast forward two years, I have barely made it to the gym, and my diet has been shameful. I met a wonderful woman and we are now married. I have not been drinking, and my motivation has returned. So, two years without any real workouts…and yesterday I happened to try on a pair of dress pants that I wore last year…not even close to fitting three to four inches away from even buttoning up!!!


I am starting the V-Diet and I am posting pictures…both to hold myself accountable, and to shame myself into both getting to the gym AND sticking to the diet.

So here they are, shameful and embarassing, but my resolve is strong so we will see where I am in four weeks!!!

and another


wheels (of the training variety, pretty weak I know!!!)

oh I forgot,

6’0 and 225 pounds…hoping to reduce that to somewhere near 200 by the end of this torture.

GOOD LUCK! I think you are going to do great! I think this is really going to help you get back on track! Keep us posted!


At belly button: 41 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Right Thigh: 25 inches
Right Calf: 17 inches
Chest: 43 inches
Right Bicep: 13.5 inches

First day is over, and it went really well except that my body did not really respond to well to the fibre supplements and I am gassing out the house.

Not real hungry, in fact I felt very full all day, but its kind of funny the internal dialogue you have with yourself about eating.

I do like the fact that food prep is not a factor at all, can’t see myself quitting, but I can see myself really getting into two problems…hating shakes and the little voice in my head trying to convince me that chicken wings and pizza are more important than losing weight!!!

2 hours of walking dogs
1.5 hours of playing hockey

ActionJackson, that little voice will be with you throughout this journey man. The great thing is that the more you ignore that annoying little voice the less you can hear it. Your mind plays little tricks on you while on this diet so be ready and prepare yourself. Breaking that urge to physically eat something is difficult but you can do it. Stick with it and at the end of this thing you will be so happy you did!! Goodluck man.

Thanks for the encouragement,

So far…so good, woke up this morning and was not hungry at all, the little voice is still talking to me about the delicious taste of chicken wings, but he can go to hell!!!

Just curious… but what calorie calculations did you use and what is your daily diet looking like? Just wanted to compare notes.

Stick to it man and don’t puss out! You will be there in no time. Its only 1 month.


I gotta be honest as say that I really took a ready, fire, aim approach on this one…I decided to start the diet, and just did so on the spot. Here are my meals, computations, etc…

Lower limit 1587cal
Upper limit 1904cal

225 or more grams of protein daily

so by my computations

11 scoops of protein divided into 5 shakes is:

1100 cal
-220g of protein
-40g of carbs
-15g of fat

My flax is 70 calories per two tbsp so 8 tablespoons is:

280 cal
-12g of protein
-20g of carbs
-20g of fat

I am really not sure on the fats because I am guessing, but 8 caps of fish oil/or 4 caps +1 tablespoon of peanut butter

1 tbps my PB is:

100 cal
-5g of protein
-3g of carbs
-8g of fat

I assumed that my fats were about 200 calories at 8 fish oil caps or 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 4 fish oil caps (please let me know if I am way off)

So under this premise:

237g of protein each day
63g of carbs
43g of fat

to equal:

1580 calories for my lower limit day…I will modify the carbs for the upper limit day by adding carbs

(unfortunately in the form of gatorade or something because I started without access to Surge…but I do have HOT-ROX and Metabolic Drive )

So here is what I am currently following in a nutshell…

5 shakes

1-2 scoops drive with 4 tablespoons flax and fibre supplement +HOT-ROX

2-2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 4 fish oil caps

3-2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 4 tablespoons flax and fibre supplement +HOT-ROX

4-2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 1 tbsp peanut butter

5-3 scoops Metabolic Drive with fibre supplement (and extra carbs on workout days, as my workouts are late night at this point)

Any comments or concerns? this is the first time that I have done anything more than kind of add it up in my head…so I hope I have not made any STUPID mistakes.

I am just finishing my last shake of the day, I went for dinner at my wife’s parents house tonight…It was a little hard to watch everyone plowing through a pile of juicy, delicious, bbq sauce soaked ribs while I sucked back another shake!!!

two down 26 to go!!!

Today my stomach is finally settling in and getting a little used to the shakes instead of food…I have two shakes left for the day, and a full night ahead, I still have to lift AND play a hockey game tonight…looking forward to the little bit of extra carbs!!!

I had one cup of chicken broth (10 calories) to put a little extra salt in my body as I will no doubt sweat a lot out tonight.

So I will survive day 3 with ease (on the eating front, we will see how the exercise goes). I have started leaving my wallet at home instead of taking it to work, no money, no temptation to stop off on the way home and get food!!!

I am really amazed at the number of naysayers that come out of the woodworks, just the little comments along the way that are meant to be defeating…

“It’s not healthy” being the main one. To which I have responded “neither is being obese, or adult onset diabetes”. Conversation usually ends there!!!

Well, I will let you know how all is going tomorrow, but I am going to go ahead and call day 3 a success…

Day 4:

day three had a little speed bump after I posted in that my dog ran away and I couldn’t make it to the gym because it took us a while to find her. So I did not take in the extra carbs as planned…

My stomach is really getting used to this, which ws the hardest part of the first two days…I have had a few periods of “jonesing” for junk food, but my inner dialogue is a lot different than it has been in the last few years. Instead of excuse making, I have been rationalizing how easy this will be to survive.

The one thing I will say is that the Metabolic Drive really helped me keep on the wagon, I had some old protein kicking around to use up in the first few days and it tastes aweful, the taste and texture of Metabolic Drive will really be the key for me. I tried this once before and just could not stomach the inferior products that I was using.

Had my first workout today in about 2-3 months, I actually felt pretty good considering that I played hockey last night and have been struggling a bit with insomnia.

The extra carbs were a pleasant change during the workout, and I still have one full shake to go prior to bed. So it looks like day 4 is in the books. If it stays this “easy” all the way through I can’t see any roadblocks…but I am assuming that at about day 10 I will be deep in the midst of the darkest hour!!!

Day 5

Today was terrible right from the get go…for some reason I could not stomach shakes at all today. I have had four of five so far and on my lunch and afternoon shake a was actually gagging for about five minutes after I drank them. I felt sick to my stomach ALL freaking day!!!

On a positive note, my workout went well, the extra carbs (I took in an extra 30 grams) helped pep me up near the end of the day.

Workout yesterday

10 minute incline walk

Incline Bench 10X3 75 lb dumbells
Pull ups 10X3 bodyweight

One-legged dumbell deadlift 3X6 45lbs

Close grip bench 1X8 135lbs
Dumbell Hammer curls 1X10 35lbs

Workout today

10 minute incline walk

Front Squat 10X3 185lbs
One-arm overhead press 60lb dumbell

Rack pull 3X4 275lbs
Neutral grip dumbell bench press 3X8 60 lbs

5X5 hanging straight leg raise

Didn’t push too hard on the weight, this is my first time in the gym in 2-3 months, and will hopefully be the first time in 2 years that I put together 3 weeks of continuous training…

I sure hope I can stomach the shakes tomorrow, because i was on the verge of puking all day!!!

start training hard! but doing great man. its game time, get your game face on.

Quite a few people quit the V-Diet because they just “can’t” stomach the shakes. I know it sucks for this period but you get over it. Also try mixing your shakes differently, blender or shaker bottle and have them be cool. This seems to help a lot

use spices and mix flavors…choc/banana…choc/straw…vanilla and any of them…add sugar free syrups (generally used for coffee…
instant coffee (decaf) in vanilla, blended w/ ice tastes really good!

The HOT-ROX Extreme make me totally nauseated. I can deal with 1 capsule once a day, but any more than that and I walk around gagging all day. I’m on day 18 and very pleased with my result so far. This diet should come with a warning label, you can tell me to grab the kleenex as much as you want, but its brutal. I would strongly recommend a transition period for anyone on a high-calorie diet. I was doing low-carb at about 3500 calories/day, and the switch to 1500/1800 on the V-Diet made me miserable. However, the results are worth it.

Thanks for the tip about spices, I can’t eat cinammon because for some reason it burns my tounge, I might try some others…

Yesterday I drank about 500ml of chicken broth before bed and that REALLY settled my stomach down (only 20 total calories). Plus the taste of the salt/chicken helped with satiety a little…I think it might be the HOT-ROX making me feel sick as well.

Just because I say I am feeling “sick” is not me using that as an excuse to quit…screw that, if I have already lasted 6 days without solid food (Saturday is sooo close which I have chosen as my HSM day!!!)

there is no logical reason for me to quit now…why the hell would I starve myself for six days just to throw in the towel? I WILL complete this challenge, I am sure their will be obstacles along the way, but I see the reward as a WAY larger incentive…

Today was business as usual, except that I was on the road all day, and it felt unusually easy (didn’t bring my wallet). When there is no money, there are no food/cheating opportunities!!!

I stepped on a scale today, and if it holds true on Saturday, I am already down 12 pounds…I will do pics, measurements and the like to see where I stack up then (day 8)

Anyone have any objections to a lean 8oz burger brushed with teriyaki sauce and a grilled pineapple slice +a cajun shrimp skewer and green salad with balsamic vinagrette dressing? (I have already eaten it 1000 times over in my head!!!)

So, day 6 done and over…no slip ups

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