VTRushInCA's V-Diet Begins


Height: 5’8"
Weight: 225lb. (which I’m totally convinced is bloat & water retention, because I was at 220 Thurs. or Fri. and I certainly didn’t overeat by 5lbs. in the three ensuing days, but whatever…)

I wrote my waist, chest, etc. measurements down after my shower this morning, but I’ll be damned if I can find the paper now (I’m at work. i may have left it at home, but I thought I put it in my bag to bring to work and post.

Ultimately, I’m not overly fussed about measurements OR weight, to be honest… I have a small fortune in 33" jeans and slim cut shirts that I want to wear again PLUS look & feel leaner than I did the last time I wore them a couple months ago. I’ve got “before” pics from this morning, but I’ll feel better about posting them when I have some “after” pics that don’t make me look like such a flabby, fat bastard.

I had my first shake this morning, and added the powder/mixtures to three other containers to bring to work. I picked up a little “on the go” blender from GNC on special ($15, check it out) and another in a shaker I picked up from Sprouts.

Not sure it’s necessary, but I’m going to the letter on everything, even going so far as to use the back of a butter knife to level off the scoops of the protein powder since the container calls for level scoops.

I feel energenic right now, but that could also be the HOT-ROX flowing through my system, too. I took my time drinking that shake (20 minutes), and it was delicious. I don’t feel super hungry right now (1:10 after the last sip), but I’m expecting to by 10:00 when I will have my next one.

Really I just feel deeply resolved to do this, and I’m really looking forward to feeling the results.

Looking forward to tonight’s workout. I skipped swimming this morning (will NEPA walk at noon) because I didn’t want to come back from my swim ravenous and only give myself a shake… i figured I would get through today and gauge my hunger and then try swimming tomorrow on a non-workout day to see how that goes before I see whether my body can handle swimming, eating/drinking nothing but shakes AND lifting weights at night. I don’t want to overdo it out of the gate.

Also, hopefully my MAG-10 Pulse Fast kit will ship today. I ordered it over the weekend, and I’m eager to do add that to the diet, too.


I would do the swimming on non-workout day’s myself. That way you are “doing” something everyday.

Also I’m glad you started today! I’ll be kick starting mine off probably on the 18th so I can finish on the 1st. ( Will be doing 2x pulse fasts and don’t need a full 4 weeks of V-Diet to hit my goal ).

I won’t say good luck because you don’t need it, you just need to kick ass!


Thanks for the encouragement! I fully intend to kick ass. This day is off to a super start so far. I’m sipping my second shake as we speak. I haven’t felt overly hungry or a lack of anergy yet today so that bodes well, I think.


Just received shipment confirmation on my Pulse Fast kit! Who knew a planned fast could be so exciting?!


This is going to be a good one!

Keep us posted!


Thanks, Chris. Will do. I think this part (the “Go public” aspect) is an important component, even if it’s not about looking for results/changes daily… just logging the experience, keeping track of when I’m mentally most focused, feeling fatigued, hungry, etc. I believe that will all help me keep on track and keep tabs on myself. It also will keep me accountable by not “flying under the radar” so to speak.


First day recap… from a hunger & energy standpoint it was awesome. I never once felt as though I was too hungry or missing food. the shakes are great and tasty, and I find myself looking forward to the next one about an hour or :45 minutes before it’s time to drink it. It’s like a legit looking forward to it, too. Not a “aww crap, I’m hungry and all I have to look forward to is a shake” sort of thing. So that’s a positive.

My first workout was tonight, and this was my lone source of frustration on the day. It took me ages to try and dial in what the “right” weights were going to be, and still the only one I really feel like I dialed in fully was the dumbell bench press. The squat and row were close, but I just feel like i was able to get through them a little too fast. I felt like I was slowing down after the ninth rep when I finally picked my weight, but on subsequent sets I was pretty much able to do just as many… so I think next time I will bump them by 5bs. maybe 10lb. I walked out of the gym feeling like I should/could have done more… the good news, though, is that when I got out of my car at home and walked to my doorstep I felt kind of “jelly legged” and walking upstairs to make my final shake of the day just before writing this post I could definitely tell that I had “worked” … i’m not sure I feel totally spent, but I feel better about not getting nothing out of it, too.

This is the major drawback or hesitation I’ve had with lifting weights in the past, too. I’m not sure I challenge or push myself as hard as I can/should.

Lastly, whether it makes me seem like a wuss or not, I can’t forget my lifting gloves next time. The rows killed my hands, which I think is why I held back on going a little heavier. My arms felt like they could stand to lift a little more, but the skin on my hands guaranteed that I could not. Haha.

Despite what it may sound like, I’m not really discouraged. I just want to hit it so perfectly that I frustrate myself sometimes. I don’t feel like I’m truly working out unless I have to practically crawl from the gym with buckets of sweat dripping off me.


Okay, I definitely feel the soreness from last night’s workout this morning… and I woke up feeling really tired, like if I’m going to be doing weights in the evening, my body is going to need more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep per night. No more burning the candle at both ends. If I’m to continue swimming, I have to find a different time than 4:00am, that’s all there is to it. I still plan to hit it harder tomorrow night, though.


Your body is probably adjusting to the low carbs and the gym.

Also where are your measurements and photos?

Remember the weights from last night and use them tomorrow accordingly. Hit that first set range ( while feeling like you can’t go further ) then just do as many as you can. Obviously if you’re only hitting 3 on the 2nd set as it where the weight is too hard.

But if it’s 8-9 and you hit 9 the first set, 7 the second, 5 the 3rd, and then 4s all the way through that should be fine too. However if you hit 4 on set 4 and you’re going to 40 reps total that could be a bit too much weight. You’ll figure it out.


[quote]corstijeir wrote:
Also where are your measurements and photos?

Okay, measurements:

Neck: 16"
Chest - Upper: 41"
Chest - Lower @ nipple line: 44"
Waist - at Navel: 46" (no sucking in… sigh)
Waist - at largest: 47 1/2"
Hips - at largest: 43"

The photos will have to wait until I find my nutsack. I look horrendous, and may feel a bit better when i have some mid-stream and after pics to go with them.


[quote]corstijeir wrote:

Also where are your measurements and photos?

Some measurements (i didn’t remember to take all the ones on Chris’s list, but these were the obvious ones I did remember and measure for)
Neck: 16"
Chest - Upper: 41"
Chest - Lower @ nipple line: 44"
Waist - at Navel: 46" (no sucking in… sigh)
Waist - at largest: 47 1/2"
Hips - at largest: 43"

Pics will have to wait until I locate my nutsack. I look so lousy right now physically that i think i’ll feel better about posting super flabby pics after i have some mid-stream and “after” pics to go along with them. Stay tuned.


I tried to update at least three times last night with some measurements… I have no idea what the forum was acting up for, but I kept getting 503 errors. Anyway… I’ll try again tonight (the “my progress” file is on my laptop).

Overall I’m still feeling really good about everything. Woke up feeling hungrier than usual, but I just used extra ice in my breakfast shake and it was glorious. I feel super ready for my workout again tonight, and I’m actually very enthused about really immersing myself in weights training as opposed to more cardio-based activities like swimming, elliptical, spin class, etc.

I definitely think all of that cardio benefited me for the immense & massive weight loss, but now it’s time to turn to something new, bigger, better for fat loss & body transformation. If I could locate my nutsack, and man up about it, I would post my current pics, but really I think from an embarrassment/ego perspective I’ll feel better when I have some mid-stream and/or after pics to go side by side with them… that way I’ll at least have the progress context to say, sure while I have these flabby man tits and gut, look how much BIGGER they were 4 weeks ago! Hahah. sigh.

Not to put the cart before the horse too much,but parallel to this decision to start the V-Diet I had purchased the Precision Nutrition program and started spot checking their online forums last night for “what comes next” after my 1st V-Diet (i’ve already decided I’ll be doing another one as soon as I’m “allowed” under the guidelines). So any input anyone may have about what a good follow up program might be, feel free to toss it out there or offer me suggestions.

My MAG-10 Pulse kit should arrive today or tomorrow. For some reason the damned thing was stuck in Oakland for 18 hours. I was so excited last night because I thought I’d get it today – a full day ahead of FedEx’s estimated delivery. Then it got sucked into limbo. So much for beating expectations, FedEx! Haha.

Anyway, I’m still very much looking forward to doing the Pulse Fasts on top of the V-Diet, and depending on how well it goes, I’ve kind of plotted out / budgeted out plans to add a pulse fast week every month for the next several (6?) months. So… yeah… take my wallet, Biotest!


Whoa… sorry for the post flood. For some reason my posts weren’t showing up, so I kept thinking they were getting eaten by the ether.

Anyway… just an exciting update that my Pulse Fast Kit arrived today after all! So looks like tomorrow will be my First Fast! SO PSYCHED.


MAG-10 Pulse Fast day 1, Bottle 1 about to consume Pulse 1. Excitement abounds!~

Had my second workout last night. I think it went better than the first one, but I know I’ll only improve over time. It’s been so long since I was even remotely “serious” about lifting (this one time, in college… I was a freshman. Which was like 15 years ago. Christ I’m getting old) that I’m just going to have to stick with it and remember to push and challenge myself.

I may wind up needing to get a training partner, or asking one of the guys at the gym to shadow me a little and push me until I get the hang of it, or to make sure I’m not being too timid or easy on myself.

I see people commenting on their own workouts about feeling like they need to puke after, or being completely wiped out… and I just don’t feel that way. I mean, I don’t feel like I’m doing nothing, it’s not like that. I feel as though I’ve worked. I’ve broken a sweat and feel some fatigue (and definitely feel some soreness a day or two after – I was still feeling Monday’s workout yesterday when I went in for my 2nd workout). But never to the point where I’m going to toss up my 4:00/4:30 shake.

Otherwise everything is going great. No real cravings… I did end up adding a half-serving of some “calorie-free” Walden Farms syrups (1/2 tbs chocolate & 1/2 tbs caramel) to might nighttime shake last night as an added “treat” the night before my first fast… the serving size is 2tbs apiece so i half assed it so as not to feel like I was splurging too much. Anyway… that’s as close as I’ve come to a weakness so far.

Although, I DO have to say that Chris’s recipes threads in the HSM forum are EVIL. I was browsing there yesterday sort of pre-planning what I might like to have Saturday for my first HSM and had to stop reading because looking at all that good stuff I want to try was making me hungry. But it was still 45 minutes before my next shake! HAHA.


Cool, man! Sounds like you’re doing great so far! Looks like we started around the same time too, though I’m not doing the Pulse fasts (yet anyway). Glad to see some others are at the same point I am in the diet.


Holy cripes… this Pulse Fast thing is no joke. I can definitely feel the difference between the version with the Power Drive and without it. I feel so zapped of energy right now and kind of just want to crawl into bed. But then, as I write that, having just finished my final Pulse of the day I do actually feel somewhat better. Still… i can’t wait to get to that morning shake tomorrow. Hahah.

In other news, Precision Nutrition arrived today finally. I started thumbing through it and had to put it down. Too many effing recipes and good-looking foods were making my stomach gurgle and groan. I’ll save it for HSM day.


Thanks, samurai! Yeah, I think you started the day before me. It does appear to be going well so far. No real urges to backslide, but then I’ve been keeping myself busy. The weekend will be a different story unless i fill my days with something. Saturday is HSM day, so it won’t be so bad, but Sunday… That’s usually my do-nothing day.


Ha ha. I hear you on the weekend thing! My weekdays are nicely structured and busy with work and all. Weekends are always more difficult for me. But I’m determined to stick to it and hopefully break that association!

I will probably do my HSM on Saturday as well.


Today has been a bit on the rough sinde… not sure if my body is craving/needing more food coming off a fast day than I’m giving it or if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I am in a FOUL mood today. Third workout tonight. V-Burn Challenge tomorrow… which is also HSM DAY.


Holy monkey… just did my first V-Burn Challenge. Reminds me of my days doing the first six weeks of Chad’s Body of F.I.R.E. workouts, which are asskickers! This one sweated me up FAST. I finished in 22:35. I’ll shoot to shave ~2:30 off next week.