V's V-Diet

Hi Everyone!!
I am back after doing the V-Diet last April with much success. I had a good run then hurt my back and had to take things easier and in short need to do it again and I got the ok that I can.

I start tomorrow 1/11/10 and have everything set to go. The only thing I remember being a problem was the Superfood- for some reason I hate it. Does anyone have any helpful tips to get this down easier as I shake in a shaker at work and it doesn’t dissolve that well so it makes the shake taste bad.
Wish me luck!!!

When I did the V-Diet last year, someone suggested mixing the Superfood powder with a tiny bit of water to turn it into a paste. It kind of tastes like a fruit roll-up if you think about it except it’s much more tart. Personally, I had no problems sticking everything into one shake and chugging it (and I thought the paste was too tart for my liking), but it never hurts to try it out.

Good luck! I just started today, so I’ll be dieting right with you.

I’m mixing my Superfood with strawberry Metabolic Drive which seems to mask the “fruity” flavours a bit.

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