V's V-Diet!

Tomorrow is my first day and although I have been on diets before, this is probably the most extreme. I planned it all out for tomorrow and all shakes are ready to go in plastic bags- any reco’s on how to make packing in advance easier? I am a little nervous and I am going to take one day at a time and with the help of a trainer guiding me through the work outs I should be ok- I hope :slight_smile:
I would appreciate any support :slight_smile:

Height 5’2
weight 150
Chest 36.5
waist 35
hips 42 (yikes!!)
right arm 13
left arm 13
right thigh 24.5
left thigh 24.5
right calf 15.5
left calf 15

ok so just putting these stats down against my will is motivation enough :(!!

Welcome aboard!

Thanks!! Day one and 2 shakes down :slight_smile:

Nice to see you on the forum!

First day of the rest of your life my friend!

I cant comment on the packaging since I just bring everything to work. But im sure someone can lend some insight. You seem to have the right idea and eventually you’ll do it blindfolded.


Welcome Aboard butterfly.

Just wait right now you are in a coccoon and will emerge so much better. A piece of advise I can give is to make sure you get some pics now to show you the old you. That will give you motivation now to never go back to that old self.

I brought in 1 tub of each flavor to the office to mix around with. I have the rest at home. I am still working on making baggies up to take with me on the weekends when I know I won’t be at home. I also bought 4 shaker/blender cups at GNC that are 24oz. Those are the biggest ones I could find and I would love to have an even bigger one since I like my shakes thinner.

I also found that by blending them in my magic bullet, they come out thinner and I can pound them a lot faster!

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Thanks Fred- Does the magic bullet work? Great idea to bring tubs to work I will do that tomorrow and go to GNC for those cups. My morning shake was so thick. It’s not so bad- I am actually doing well and do not feel hungry at all. Its usually day 3 and 4 that I have trouble with when dieting.

I think I am so motivated mentally I have to do it and I am so ecited to see results since so many people have had such great success. I will take pics tonight or tomorrow if I can. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the support I need it!!

Good luck buttrfly!!! You’re gonna kick butt!!

ok on my last shake and so full!!! I need to thin them out- any ideas? They are too thick! :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome butterfly :wink: Looking forward to your progression! Try one hot (not scalding) with about 2 cups of water heated a couple minutes in the microwave. See if you like it. Warms the insides, helps me sleep, etc. Maybe that would help?

Thanks- I will try that!! I am actually so into this diet and can’t wait for week one to be over so I can see my progression :slight_smile:

my magic bullet works AWESOME! I am glad I got a blender. I got mine online so it came with the blender attachment…otherwise it would be too small and not worth it.

I find that blending the shakes thins them out the most and I am able to add more water to thin them out more. I usually end up with about 32oz to down.

The deal on the bullets right now if BOGO. So my sister and I went in on it. I told her I needed to keep hers till May though so I could leave one at the office.

Are headached normal in the first few days? I seem to get a headache around 4pm
Anyone have similar symptoms?

Are you taking the second dose of HOT-ROX? The caffiene in that may help.

Yes. Totally yes. But it gets better, it stops sooner than later :wink:


I actually was afriad of the HOT-ROX because I already have trouble sleeping but I want the fat to melt away so I got it today!! :slight_smile:

As long as you take one as soon as you get up and then about 6 hours later, you should have enough time to process it through to sleep well that night. I have not been having any trouble with mine.

hey girly!!

well done on getting started!! just keep visualizing they way u wana look by the end of this and when times get hard think about the image!!

i get a little headcahy too but i just drink lots of water which seems to help!


Thanks Freddy- I will try it tomorrow.

Hi Noreen,
I am ok (I think) lol. I am visualizing so much I hope i don’t set myself for disappointment :slight_smile:
Especially with the weather getting nice, wish I did it sooner but better late than never. May 12th can’t come fast enough - haha.

Haven’t started my V-Diet just yet, but I have developed a way to get my shakes in with a less than ideal work environment.

I’m in a car for the duration of my work day, and don’t have access to a blender. What I have been doing for shakes is putting all the ingredients into DRY shakers or Nalgene bottles and toting them along with me. As necessary, I will mix them with water and I’m good to go.

Blended shakes are definitely better, and I always blend whenever I can, but this isn’t always possible and the most important thing is to get the good stuff into your body. You have to make it work for you in your situation.

Demo Dick

DD- I agree you have to get it in. I am going to get shaker bottles today- believe it or not I actually like them better shaken. When I blend them it takes me FOREVER to drink them. It’s pretty easy if prepared :slight_smile:
On day 4, headached gone but insomnia has kicked in :frowning: However I still went to the gym this am and worked my ass off - literally!!!
NEPA left for today and tomorrow is the V- challenge :slight_smile:

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