Vivid Dream on V-Diet

This seems to be a common occurrence on the V-Diet, I thought Chris could drop some science, wisdom, or good ole BS on why this happens.

As I said on my thread, my dreams were already vivid. Now I’m having full scale productions in the middle of the night, very intense and specific dreams. I am sleeping like a baby, so they do not wake me or interfere with sleep. I just wake up and give a Keanu Reeves “Whoa”

Well, sometimes an unhealthy diet – too much sugary etc. – can lead to poor sleep. None of that unhealthiness on the V-Diet, so some people may get better sleep. And since “good” sleep is often related to R.E.M. periods, and R.E.M. periods are where dreaming occurs… well, there ya go.

But I don’t think vivid dreams are all that common on the V-Diet. Nice side effect if you can get it, but I don’t think it’s universal.

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