Vitamin D


Hi I have been reading through some of your articles and I saw something about Vit. d and you said something about if everyone is taking the correct amount. I’ve been taking vitamin D3 it’s 5000 IU once a day do you think this sounds like enough? And there’s a difference between Vit D and D3 what’s your thoughts about that?



My doctor said I was Vit. D defecient and put me on 20,000 IU’s one a week for a month. Yes that is right 20,000. appernently when you are defeceint you need a ton right off the bat because your body will use it up real fast.


How did you know you were deficient? What kinds of symptoms did you have??


@dj, best thing to do is go get tested. If you’re low, it’s difficult to bring up levels using standard 500 to 5000 IU supplements. My daughter was placed on 50,000 IU for a short period (not taken daily though.)

See my “D is for Doping” article for more info.