Vitamin D Loading


Hello Chris,

A couple of months ago I finally wised up to the benefits of vitamin D3 and started taking 3000 IU a day.
However, being a pasty white snowman I probably have quite a deficit to make up for and I wanted to try a loading phase to fill up my shortages.
Unfortunately it is proving difficult to find information on what such a loading phase should look like.
I could go with 10.000 every day, 20.000 every other day, 50.000 once a week for 2 weeks, or maybe 8 weeks.
Is there an optimum loading dosage/period?


The only way to know for sure is to go get tested by a doctor. There are some home test kits available too. Just Google around.

Everyone is different and I’d talk to a doc before doing something like 50,000 IU, even though that’s a common “loading” approach.

If you haven’t yet, see this article and thread that follows:


Yes I had read that article, It’s the one that opened my eyes to Vit D.

I cannot find any self tests sold in my country from any place that I find trustworthy. So to the doctor it is I suppose, had hoped to avoid it since he has a severe case of PMS and I’m not sure if he’ll take well to “health nuttery”.


If you need to, get a different doctor. My doctor lives in a different country (Poland) because I don’t know any good doctors here. Plus, knowing how bad dental care here is, I don’t trust any kind of a doctor in England without a personal reference signed by 10 people :wink:

My current doctor (been with him for just a couple of months) asked me to get pretty extensive blood/urine/stool tests done when I first went to him and when I suggested 25(OH) too, he just said “Sure” and added it to the checklist that would go to the lab.