Viridians Spring 09 V-Diet Log

Im starting my V-Diet this morning and thought Id jump in and make a post… I’ll add all my info throughout today, dont have enough time right now to make it complete.

Height: 5’1"
Weight: 130lb (usually taken mid-day right before gym, pretty consistant though not an ideal time to weigh)
Neck: 12.25"
Shoulders: 40"
Chest - Upper: 34.25"
Chest - Lower: 31.25"
Waist, narrowest point: 27.5"
Waist - at Navel: 30.75"
Waist - at largest: 30.75" (being a short-waisted female, my hips start right below my belly button lol)
Hips - at largest: 35"
Glutes - at largest: 37.75"
Upper Arm - L: 12"
Upper Arm - R: 12"
Upper Leg - L: 22 7/8"
Upper Leg - R: 22 7/8"
Lower Leg - L: 14"
Lower Leg - R: 14"
Ankle - L: 8.25"
Ankle - R: 8.25"

I’ll have 8 scoops MD per day, using Flameout, Se7en, HOT-ROX, Controlled Labs Purple Wraath (until the L-Leucine gets here in a few days), and Superfood. Plus fiber, natural peanut butter and milled flax as standard. And some nasty Surge after workouts lol. That stuff bout made me gag first time I tried it!

I’ll be using Waterbury’s Intermediate program.

So I successfully completed Day 1 yesterday… and I went back over the workout program and found an error Id made! Day 1 is to be 20 reps per exercise of a 4-5 RM per set… well I went and did 40 reps of those exercises with 4-5 reps per set. Needless to say I feel like an idiot and my glutes and hams are SCREAMING at me. Shoulders too. Chest not so bad but my bis and tris are a tad on the stiff side!

Managed to scare some of the boys in the little snobby YMCA at home where the girls are all cardio bunnies that use little pink 5lb dumbbells lol… Squatting 135lbs for most of my 40 total reps. Boy do I feel just dumb now for doing my 8 sets like that lol!

Death to the cardio bunnies! lol You are brave. I’ll be doing the intermediate workout as well and I’m going to start easy as I know it’s going to trash me! At 58 yo workout recovery is a little slow. Now where are those foam rollers?

I’ll be starting on Friday 2/27. Drop in on my thread to encourage or kick ass as needed.

Well, I was doing spectacularly, this would be Day 14…

Unfortunately, I caught the flu last Wednesday/Thursday. Im not sure if I should finish out the antibiotics Im on and start all over or continue another two-three weeks? I quit the shakes Saturday, had almost all solid food (plus chicken broth) Saturday and about half of Sunday… Eggs this morning, shakes otherwise. I’ve kept near the calorie ranges and only missed the V-Burn day…

Too much lost? I don’t know. But my results had been going so well, I was getting so thrilled. I did keep up with the extra supplements except HOT-ROX after the Friday am dose because I needed to take something for sinus-congestion.

why not continue antibiotics on the diet? if you’re not willing to do that, then finish the antibiotics and start over when you’re done. don’t stop taking them in the middle of a course, that is really bad for everyone (RE: superbugs). hope you feel better.

My post was a bit unclear, I was in a hurry again…

I meant I wasnt sure if i wanted to continue the Diet where I left off (now that Im not using any sinus/Mucinex/etc) or if i wanted to wait a week, or awhile longer… Not if I wanted to discontinue the antibiotics.

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