Vincent: One Day at a Time

Yesterday’s live spill really inspired me.I exchanged with my fellow live spilla and I really liked the support and how some of them could associate with what I’m going through.

Like I said yesterday, I will blog what I eat and other stuff.

I will try to describe my mental state,though process behind some choice,it will sound kookoo sometimes and maybe even pathetic but when you struggle with something as insignificant as a cookie, for everyone,its just a cookie but for some of us, it’s a f%^&*g cookie!!

So here Goes!!


Gonna start this thing with a little IF(intermittent fast) I love doing those,they really make me conscious about how I feel and I believe its the best way to get control of your insulin.

This morning I went to my local fruit markets and I felt great to buy fresh stuff,I mean i was eating fresh then i started buying frozen veggies and its not the!

So i will have my mise en place,washing and dicing my veggies,making a little fruit salad,the strawberries were in special,3x6$ and fresh figues were going fo 2$.

Also bought what I consider staples in a kitchen;green onions, bell pepper(one of each color) and asparagus which were going really cheap!.

Anyway,supper will be a left over spaghetti squash with ground horse meat,some minced beef jerky and whole italian tomatoes.

Got 2 containers with ~30g whey in case I get mad cravings.

Right I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

you got a good home base setup going on vince. that’s key.

So yesterday I drank my whey at break(10pm) and then sipped through my other on my way home and i was a bit nervous!

Nervous cause in the morning i had prepared a fruit salad of pineapple,honey melon and strawberries.
As I walked i was asking ‘’ chicken breast and veggies or fruit salad??" " Can i have both?"

Fast forward home,throw the frozen cauliflowers and broccoli in the pan with some broth,slice the chicken breast,prepared a little bowl of fruit and BAM!

After eating the bowl of fruit,I got up to get second but I didnt feel disgust or anything like that,i felt satisfied but a little worried about if i went abit too much on the fruit.

Anyway today

Drinking my tea,probably be making a few eggs later,got this cold that been sweeping in the hospital so…not really hungry.


Had 2 eggs with thai veggies mix, and veal liver with a avocado,tomatoes and strawberries salad.
About an hour later i add too much fruit salad.felt stuff though.

Decided to delay supper(5pm) to my break(9;30pm),not hungry enough.
took 4tabs of Biotest BCAA,2 acai and 1 proactol.

Feel tired but thats cause of the weather and the sore throat.

Felt like crap around supper,light headed and a bit of nausea,sat down to eat some of my supper around 8pm, had a few squares of dark chocolate and 2 chocolate chips cookies.

Feel better now,not too stressed about the faq that i ate chocolate chips cookies.I know i shouldnt but im not gonna go into a guilt mode for that.
Finishing my supper now.

Still stuck with a damn cold,lost sight this weekend going back on the road with a IF from upon waking to supper at 5pm.

Got some chicken,red,green,orange et yellow bell peppers,some Brussels sprouts and a swirl of olive oil(a new one i just bought yesterday,smell very nice,should taste good).Along with that i got half a grape fruit and for snacks around 9;30-10pm i have a +1/3almondes.

i find it funny cause sometimes i go like ‘‘ok im not gonna eat now’’ but then i look around and im like ‘’ oh shit,i got all those produces that i cant let go to waste(tomatoes,avocadoes,chicken strips in the fridge) so from there i start to deviate.

Today ill be doing another IF till supper.Its cleansing and gets me to focus on the good food for that eating window.

Yesterday i went a bit overboard with the hypo/no fat yogourt after work XD

Talk about motivation! Now i got a goal, looking good 'nekid’s never been so important now cause I have a girlfriend!!

havent been really preoccupied by food lately and i do alot of IF.

Finished reading ‘’ how we decide’’. Very good book and now im onto a book that was recommended on Mike Boyle’s blog called ‘today matters’.

Ever since i met this special someone,i somehow dont obsess over food like i used too! its really a great feeling,i feel more carefree and calm.

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