Vince Log of Pain

Hi first v-douer here.
been training for ~3years, first 1,5years or so,i was training like a bodybuilder,after i became more interested and technique and such,trained more like an athletes,power lifter and olympic lifter.

Im a FFB.

People always give me a weird look when i say i want to loose fat…" what fat? " they ask…but theses are people that are satisfied with 20%+ body fat, im not.

I never took my BF% except for that dumb machine at a nautilus gym…dumb machine.

by my pics,i think im around 15%, i want to drop to 10% as a first goal.

Before starting the diet i pigged out like crazy for a day! Went from 173 to 180 in the same day!I didnt take long to drop to 173 again cause it was mostly water and carb-up kinda situation.

So,my weight before starting the diet was 178,6 on 12-07-2010.
today 16-07-2010 it was at 170.8

yesterday I had my first HSM…or so i tried,had supper with my mom,went to a Vietnamese restaurant and surprisingly, by eating 2 small soup(spicy sea flavor and tonkinoise beef,2spring roll(dirty food) 2 small chicken and 2 shrimp on salad,I wasnt so hungry after that.Followed by a little walk and apple juice and…sigh, sorbet.

Also have a confession to make.
Im following the training to the letter but not the supplement.Im kinda on a budget here so,im trying to do it with what i have BUT WHAT A PAIN IT IS TO ADJUST EVERYTHING!! so…

I ordered the package throught my first week so,in a couple of days i will receive some of it and later the recommended protein etc…

Not gonna restart the diet,gonna go through it till the end but probably going to do it again after the transition phase but this time it will be easier and better.

gut out

bit more lean now

Today was the 3training session of the advence workout.

Liking the workouts so far. I usually do front squat,bench,deadlift for day1
day2 would be front squat,press,power clean and day3 would be rear foot elevated split squat,split squat, incline bench and snatch.

The velocity workout are fun so far.

Tomorrow is my first V-burn challenge!!! really looking forward to it.

today was my first V-burn challenge and boy did it kick my ass!!

On the 3 round I was heating… i was like’’ a $^(Q# hand to toe walk again !" and those handstand push,i cant get into position so i have to do pike push ups…

on the 5 round i was motivated,come on,its game time,just do it,aint nothing good come easy.
Those burpees were killing,on the seventh round it was all or nothing and it was ON BABY!!

BW pre workout:169 post:168.8
Gonna do some more NEPA, walking from work(for those in Montreal,thats the MGH)to my appart(Delorimier) so its a 50minutes power walk!

Keep strong everyone!

This is great!! i was walking today,sort of part of my NEPA and i realized that, i wasnt sucking in my gut! i usually brace in my core when i walk but i guess i no longer need to do that!!

i am gazed out! I try to squeeze as much NEPA as my body allows me but with my job,its kinda hard.

I mostly work in the psych ward at my hospital and when my pager rings,its a run to the location,get it under control with security and sometimes its very physical,sometimes,just too long for nothing.

And when i go back to my unit,the patient are like kids,always calling my name for something they want,very needy,the psych wards isnt very physical,more mental,i get neurologically tired.

Boom 11:30pm! get to go home,of course the bus schedule sucks arses, either pass at 11;00 or 11;50…so most the time its fuck that,im walking home,again.

Yesterday i was determined to walk home but i knew i had to wake up early(7am) to receive some parcels which im still waiting for(11;11am) so i asked my good friend Steph,who is also struggling with her weight but shes not ready to come out her confort zone,to drop about half-way to my apartment.

So yeah,i gazed, woke up at 7am, foam rolled a bit,not as much as i used too,when to the gym for ~35, got there ,stretched,active warm-up,do the 5training of the advance program,surprisingly, i completed the whole thing even with the guide lines,rather quickly! stretch out,drink post shake,walk back home under the not so heavy rain anymore,brew some coffee,hot bath,try to catch a nap and here i am writing this after drinking my meal-1 shake with ground flax seed still stuck between my teeth!

And you know what? I wouldnt have it any other way! KEEP IT UP V-WARRIORS!

just got my Flameout,Superfood and leucine!! results are gonna get better than better!

Im more determined than ever now!! I wont do the same mistake of over eating twice on my HSM. Tomorrow is NEPA on empty stomach,come back, prepare my Surge,go to the gym for workout 6(the wednesday one) and some more NEPA after…ITS ONNNNNN!

SO woke up this morning, had my thermogenic,head to the gym, 20minutes of incline at 6.5-7km/h,drink half the Surge, then onto the workout(you know the one with alot of chin up,love/hate those!) ,more fast walking on incline ,20minutes 6.6-7 very high incline,had to made it worth it,stretch,drink other half. Did a good job.

hugh…Today on my 11th day of the diet i just have this crazy craving for some of that left over of my HSM,the one that i didnt finish,its was
-ground horse meat
-one whole egg
-green onions
-slice shrooms
-hot sauce
-basil pesto
-half an avocado

mixe all by hand,slow cook in the pan with olive oil. tasted great, it i have nothing planned for my 4th and final HSM,ima finish this with a ezekiel(whatchacallit) and cheese.

Judging from your pics, you are gonna be shredded by the time you’re through with this! Nice work so far.

thanks,it took me two day of hardcore NEPA(thats alot of fast walking,taking stairs at work(hospital)) to gain back the felling i had before slipping off.

Yesterday was a good day,woke up,nepa on empty stomach,relax before work,on the bus to work im thinking i need to up my game so,take the stairs from S1 to 6 floor and then 6floor to 13 where ill do plenty of walking to answer the patients bells and they ring alot…and for no reason!,on my breaks,take the stairs up and down,go outside for a relaxing walk then go finish my shift,do my 55minutes walk home, game a bit and it the sack.

Today sgonna be the same plan,gonna do some nepa before working out,drink half surge,workout,nepa,home,relax and plan,work,rince and repeat!

Manhunt! Had a internal manhunt at the hospital yesterday,psych patient that couldnt be contained forced the fire exit so…guess what…more NEPA! up and down the stairs,trying to cover as much ground as we can with the cops and security.Anyway, patient is not a social danger if he is left alone soooo,no need to be alarmed.

On a second note, v-burn #2 took me a big 38minutes!!

little picture,took at work,this is me forcing my stomach out!
taken friday evening

hugh…I’m following the diet,trying to do as much NEPA as I can but this is getting depressing,i know it takes work but,i’m far from being rid of that belly pooch.

Tuesday I was at the bathroom and while buttoning up,i saw this vein on my lower abdomen,meaning that my BF% is lower than before but this have a pooch.

Either I try to do too much NEPA and then the v-burn on saturday leave me sooooo tired for the weekend that aside from work(which requires alot of walking around) i dont do extra NEPA. Wednesday I kicked it up a notch at the gym and was too tired to consider doing my usual nepa( walking at 6.5km/h on a incline of 4.0 for 20-30minutes)

Sure I could suck it up but thats gonna leave me very tired and i want my trainings to be explosive and productive,id rather be tired after a good workout than after extre NEPA.

I’m really going through a ‘grind’ here…psychologically, i feel bad for not doing extra work(NEPA) but my rational sides wants to keep some juice for the workouts ,I started this diet July 13,I still have a way to go but its stronger than me…

Hope someone can associate!

Snap a picture of your absolute best abs pose and post it.

I can’t tell from the photos you’ve posted, but it looks like you don’t have a ton of subcutaneous fat. This would be confirmed by what you said about veins starting to show.

I wonder if you might benefit from throwing in some vacuums and variations to simply tighten things up. Some may claim that it’s nonsense, but I’ve also heard that it can really make a difference. It might be worth a shot.

When you finish with the V-Diet and move into transition, you can start really cranking up the intensity and type of cardio you’re doing…that might do the trick for the last bit of fat. But that’s just a thought…like I said, it’s tough to see from the pics just what the problem might be.

Good luck though…whatever you do, don’t let this “grind” get the best of you! You’ve got all kinds of options that will allow you to feel great AND reach your goals.

Thanks for reading bro!

I’m just,you know this whole V-Diet thing is expensive and you have to do alot of sacrifice,i dont want to fuck it up but i just feel like bursting trough the door and start sprinting…anyway,started on july13,weight is coming down,bodyfat probably did,i just dont see it that much.

Gonna try the vacuum technique, i actual use it sometimes when i shoot a pic(like the one in the mirror)

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