vichamr8 @ V-Diet Day 3


I feel about the same as I did yesterday. No real cravings to speak of. My workout went pretty well today. I felt strong out of the gate, and did better on the pullups than I did last week. I’m not one to focus on the scale, but just for giggles I got on one at the fitness center I go to during work hours. I weighed in at about 209 and some change last week (weight at mid-day, non-evacuated if you know what I mean). Today I weighed in at 203 and some change. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve lost that much weight that quickly. On the other hand, I do feel a bit leaner, so maybe. I don’t really like the idea that I’ve lost that much weight that quickly, on the other hand, my workout was strong today, so I guess I’m ok.
Breakfast ~6AM
Lunch ~10AM
Plazma + Workout ~1230PM
Reps: 40 total per exercise
Rest: 45 seconds between each set
Load: Medium (8-9 RM)
A) Pull-up (BW) 9-17-22-27-31-35-38-40
B) Incline Dumbell Press (20%) (70) 9-14-19-24-28-32-36-40
C) Romanian Deadlift (215) 9-14-19-24-28-32-36-40
D) Rope Curl (15.5) 9-18-25-30-35-40
E) AOK2E (BW) 15-25-32-38-40
Mid-Afternoon ~300PM
HSM ~630PM- Baked Salmon, 1 cube of potato, 5 asperagus, 1 small salad w/ italian dressing
Before Bed ~830PM


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