Very Basic Cabbage Salad

Just tried this today and it turned out not too bad when I needed a quick meal to pack for work.

I had a bag of pre-made coleslaw (shredded cabbage, some carrot and red onion) I made Chris’s recipe before and bought the 'slaw to try it again, of course I didn’t think to buy the rest of the stuff.

Anyways long story short I took a basic tupperware lunch dish, added a big handful of 'slaw a few dashes of wheat free soy sauce, dallop of olive oil, shake of salt and pepper and a ton of cinnamon. I then topped it with some grilled beef, gave 'er a shake and it tasted pretty good. The cabbage really has a nice crunch to it.

I’ve been experimenting with coleslaw and I put sunflower and pumpkin seeds in with it. I use an Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, pepper and organic honey dressing on it. I have not heard much about honey on this site so I don’t know if it should be used or not. I think I’ll try some cinnamon next.

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