VenusHotnTot's V-diet Log 3/13 - 4/24

I’m sitting here so excited about my very first post, but not knowing where to begin.

I just became a member of T-Nation, though I have been visiting the site for over 4 years. When I first heard about T-Nation I was in my freshman year at college and weighed 225lbs. Since then I have successfully lost 55lbs and health and fitness is a major part of my life.

However for the past year or so I have hit a major plateau. I still have about 15 - 20lbs to lose, and every time I start a new program, training or diet wise, I get easily discouraged if I don’t see a 5lb weight loss in the first week. I know that it takes time, but for some reason I just have lost all patience.

My boyfriend has been telling me I should do the Velocity Diet ever since I first plateaued, and every time I complain about my last 15-20lbs. Finally the day has come where I am just absolutely fed up and need to get my bad habits in check. My supplements came in today, so I will officially begin the v-diet tomorrow. I am SO excited. Here are my before measurements.


Chest: 37.0
Bust: 35.75
Natural waist: 29.0
Waist at belly button: 32.0
Hips: 40.0
Upper thigh: 24.25 / 24.25
Mid thigh: 23.75 / 23.0
Arm: 11.5 / 12.25 (I know huge difference!)
Arm flexed: 13.5 / 13.5 (don’t know how that happened)

So those are the measurements that I will be taking weekly, along with pictures at the beginning and the end of the 28 days, and then again at the end of the transition phase for full comparison.

I always come onto the forums to keep up with everyone’s posts and now I can leave comments. I would greatly appreciate support, and I will stay updated as much as possible.


front 3/12

side 3/12

back 3/12

good luck! stay strong, constantly remind yourself of your goals and where you want to be. 28 days is nothing, you just have to suck it up and gut it out. stay strong.

Great results so far! And the V-Diet will definitely help you reach your final goals. Keep us updated!

Congratualtions on the current loss, that is what I hope to achieve eventually.

You have a great shape already,you will do well.

Good luck.


Hey Venus…we will be going through this at about the same time…hopefully we can serve as motivation to one another. Cheers to your fantastic accomplishments thus far…You are going to rock the V-3 diet!

Thanks so much for the support everyone!

At the moment I am trying to finish my Bedtime meal. I didn’t think finishing my shakes would be a big deal, but it seems like I had a bottomless shaker today. I guess it is better than feeling hungry all the time.

Today went well. I did my first workout this afternoon. I am doing the intermediate program. I was a bit off on my weight for my front squats, but I figured it out. I will defiantly push to go heavier next week. Here is how I did:

Workout #1 20 reps total/heavy (4-5 RM)/ 30 sec. rest
Front Squats 105lbs for 8 / 125lbs for 5,7
Chin-Ups (asst) -28 for 4,3,3,2,2,1 / -34 for 2,2,1
db Bench Press 40lbs for 5 / 45lbs for 5,5,5
Ab-Rollout 12lbs Medicine ball roll-outs on knees 4x5

I will definitely start at 135lbs for my front squats next time, and my goal is to do non-assisted chin-ups by the end of the program. My NEPA went well even though I had to split it up into 40min and 20min. I did the treadmill at a 2% incline at 4.0 mph.

So at this point I just want to get this shake down and get to bed, one day down 27 to go. Just have to keep keepin’ on!


So I live in the Bronx and work in Manhattan and this morning I get on the train and my car is covered with snicker ADs like ‘transfer to the ATE Train’ and ‘take a dip in the Choclantic Ocean’ and so on.

And then on the next stop a gentleman gets on and sits next to me and happened to be eating a jumbo size sugar glazed honey bun with a large coffee. The worst part was he looked just like Mike Ditka so I couldn’t stop glancing over at him while he stuffed his face.

The good thing is I don’t like Snickers or Honey Buns and this is only day one. It also helped that my first shake this morning took me almost 20min to get down. I just thought this was a hilarious start to my first day and had to share.


V - good luck to you…the first week is rough, but after that this diet is a piece of cake. personally, i was really sick of the taste of the shakes early on, but now i don’t even notice. i just finished wk 2…so hang in there, it’s worth it.

So day 2 is done and it went really well.

I am a fitness trainer/group exercise instructor, so I had a good bit of NEPA today that looked a lot like EPA since I taught three classes in a row. Despite all that I still felt pretty good all day, except between 11:15 - 11:45. I did the v-challenge and boy did I get my ass handed to me. Every time I would go through the circuit I would be think to myself ‘wow I am almost done with this circuit, this is great’, then I would see squat thrusts on the list and feel the walk outs and pike push ups hit me again. I was so wrecked that I actually had to stretch for about 5 minutes on my back because I couldn’t bring myself to even try to get into downward dog. After I got feeling back in my limbs I did about 15 min of yoga which made me feel a lot better.

All in all I got through my first V-Challenge and now I have a time to try to beat. It took me 23m57s to complete the 6 circuits. I only had to modify my push-ups and walk-outs twice, so that is something else I can work to improve.

The shakes where a lot easier to get through today. I made them as thin as possible which made a huge difference. I was actually looking forward to a few of them.

Tonight I was suppose to go to a comedy show, but I decided to skip it. I don’t want to take any chances of being tempted so early on in the game. There will be other opportunities to go out when I have concurred my eating habits, better to play it safe. Instead I’m actually going to get 8 hours of sleep tonight, which is pretty rare.

Can’t wait to kick day 3’s butt!


The walk-outs are evil! They worked my shoulders and my core - I’m going to include them in other workouts in future.

Day 3 was pretty rough but I pushed through.

I guess my extra classes yesterday finally hit me (hard). At first my day was going pretty well but during my hour of cardio today I started feeling really weak.

Then I got home and took a nap and when I woke up I felt even worst. It was past time for my next meal and I didn’t even want to get out of bed for it. The thought of drinking another shake made me nauseous. I basically just wanted to go back to sleep and never eat or drink anything ever again.

Well I talking myself of the ledge and pushed down my 4th meal. I feel better now, I even went and did laundry with my boy (which is a feat since the laundry-mat is down the block and we have to walk back and forth).

I’m actually really glad I had a rough time today. It made me lay out why I am doing this diet again, and helped me discover some new reasons for myself. There is definitely no turning back. I’m even siting here smelling my boys dinner, and craving broccoli and steak like it where… well broccoli and steak.

It’s just about time for my bedtime meal and then day 3 will be officially over. Day 4 here I come!

Thanks for stopping by and giving support everyone, I really appreciate it.


[quote]Cal Jones wrote:
The walk-outs are evil! They worked my shoulders and my core - I’m going to include them in other workouts in future. [/quote]

Yeah they are killer, but very effective.

How did day four go? Day 3 kicked my bum too! Hope you are feeling better!

Wow so I haven’t posting in a while, sorry about that. I am still holding strong though, and keeping record of my progress, just haven’t had the time to put anything up. So the next day or so i will be catching up.

So today is day #8. Day 5-8 went really well (Day 4 was a rough one, first day on diet and full day of work, pretty touch). I had my HSM on Wednesday which was good, but I think I over ate a little. I got full in exactly 20 minutes after starting to eat, but kept on eating. Kept thinking, ‘man I’m not going to get another meal like this for another 7 days, I can’t let this food go to waste’.

Next time I’m just going to try and focus on stopping when full. But I did really think about each bite which was a change for me. Pictures to come of my HSM meal.

My workouts have been going really well, still had a few guess sets but now I know where I am starting from and the rest of the program should go smoothly. I do my 5th workout today. Hoping to see some improvements. I will post my workout log later.

Today was measurements and picture day so here are my results thus far.

170.0lbs - 162.6 [-7.4lbs]

Chest: 37.0 - 35.75 [-1.25]
Bust: 35.75 - 34.75 [-1.0]
Natural waist: 29.0 - 28.0 [-1.0]
Waist at belly button: 32.0 - 30.25 [-1.75]
Hips: 40.0 - 38.50 [-1.50]
Upper thigh: 24.25 / 24.25 - 23.75 / 23.75 [-.5 / -.5]
Mid thigh: 23.75 / 23.0 - 23.0 / 22.5 [-.75 / -.5]
Arm: 11.5 / 12.25 - 11.75 / 12.25 [+.25 / -.0]
Arm flexed: 13.5 / 13.5 - 13.25 / 13.25 [-.25 / -.25]

Total Inches Lost: 9.25inches

So all in all I am pretty happy with the results so far. Would love to see some more loss in my arms but not while flexed, that was a bit disappointing. But when it comes to the total I am very happy. I was shooting for a 5lb loss and beat that so definitely can’t complain. Pictures are below.

Front 3/20

Side 3/20

Back 3/20

Back Flexed 3/20

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