Velocity Training Only Question

Hey, Chris -
Kudos on this diet and the training.
I did the diet twice a few years ago and trimmed up nicely.

I recently went traveling for a year and a half and didn’t work out except for body weight exercises and kettlebells, infrequently.
Needless to say I got out of shape, so I started back up with your Beginner’s program and Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb diet since I really didn’t need to lose too much fat, just build muscle. Then jumped in to the Intermediate phase (with only one transition phase) for a total of 10 weeks. It worked great!!

I’m going to use the Velocity training, without the diet, to trim up for next summer starting next March.

So my question is: If I start off with the Beginner’s program (including Transition phase) than go immediately into the Intermediate program (also including transition phase) for a total of 12 weeks, should I take some time off (5 days to a week) for recovery after, or maybe in between?


It may not hurt to take a couple of days off in between phases, but if you’re feeling and ready to hit the next phase right away, go for it.

Cool, thanks again, Chris.

One more question, can I extend the Transition phases out to 4 weeks?

Yes, just make sure that single HSM every day has plenty of veggies, some fiber, etc. Mix it up and get some variety: some different good fat sources (including saturated from meat, coconut oil, etc.)

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