Velocity Package Shipped to Australia?


Hey Chris, in another post you mentioned that you had heard most Aussie dieters have just had it sent over, just wondering if anyone has had it intercepted at customs? Obviously you wouldn’t know personally but putting out there for anyone else who may know


Hi Expatkiwi,

I’ve imported most of the components for the V-Diet (Metabolic Drive, Flameout etc) into Sydney for the last year or so and have had no problems with Customs. Customs will open and check the package, which adds a few days to the shipping time, but so far I have had no packages seized. I had one instance where Fedex contacted me for some information on the Biotest products in a particular shipment. I sent them the product label info (available from the T-Nation store) and the package was released the next day.

The only product I haven’t imported is HOT-ROX Extreme. I have heard about this product being seized, as apparently HOT-ROX Extreme contains substances that are restricted in Australia. However, this example was told to me a couple of years ago and I don’t know for a fact that HOT-ROX Extreme would be seized now.