Velocity Log - 30 Days Complete!

Background: Age 43, Height 5’7", lifetime lifter usually fairly lean, after 3 years of Crossfit, I spent the last year going no cardio, lifting hard, and eating anything and everything. Gained a bunch of muscle with a nice layering of fat and waist grew about 5 inches. In short, I got fat. I will follow the diet and workouts for the next month. I may need to move around the workout days but will make sure to get 3 sessions in a week, the V-Challenge, and the NEPA. Other than the plazma and flameout, I won’t use any other supps other that a bunch of animal stack multi-vitamin packs that I have… I may drink some aminos during the NEPAs unless that’s a problem.

Starting Measurements:
Weight: 203.6
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders 21
Chest 44
Waist one inch above 39
Waist one inch below 39.5
Waist 39.5
Hips 41.5
Upper Arm - 16.75
Upper Leg - R 26 L 25.5
Calf R 16.5 L 16.5

Welcome to the challenge. There are a couple of us starting right around the same time, so looking forward to having some company. I start on Tuesday when my protein arrives. Good luck , let’s do this.

Aye aye, the more the merrier.

I’ve started the food bit but training is a non starter due to pathetic excuses.

Tonight for sure though. I’ve decided to go for the program as written rather than the swings.

I can’t promise I won’t do a bunch anyway though. Kettlebell kultist to the end.

Thanks Jodgey. Good luck to you. Started yesterday and did the advanced v-challenge, and it took about 40 minutes and I am actually sore… gonna hit the first workout today and do Sun, Tues, Thurs since my Monday and Friday are too hectic.

There’s no need for the extra vitamins. Superfood has you covered. Also no need for the aminos. NEPA done correctly won’t put at any risk of muscle loss. Best of luck, not that luck has anything to do with it!

Thanks Chris. Appreciate the feedback. I apologize if this one has already been answered, but if I need to squeeze in a weight training workout in the morning before work, any issues with just hitting some coffee and Plazma first thing after waking and saving the morning shake for post-workout?

January 9

wt: 197
neck: 16.5
Shoulders 22
Chest 45
Waist Above - 37
Waist - 38
Waist below 38.5
hips: 37.5
upper arms 16.5
Upper leg 25
Calf 16.5

V-Challenge: 26:20 (advanced)

Notes: Not so hard and not really hungry at all except maybe an hour before noon shake; had to eat Wendys for HSM one day and got Large Chili, grilled chx (had to order the sandwich and trash the roll), and baked potato; took one serving split it 2 for today’s v-challenge which helped a bunch. I also think I did 20 torso pushups each round last time rather than 10. HSPU seemed much easier than last time. Should be interesting next week as I am going to Disney for a soccer tournament for my daughter from Friday - Tuesday. The bag checkers should get a kick out of my luggage, which will largely be filled with protein powder, shakers and a blender. I will post next Saturday or Sunday from sunny Florida.

Just wanted to give you props for taking on the Advanced V-Burn challenge, and for nearly halving your time on the second go 'round. My first shot at this is this Saturday… aiming for the Intermediate challenge…

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Jan 15:

Wt 196/4
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 22
Chest 45
Waist above - 37
Waist 37.75
Waist below 39
Hips 37
arm 16.5
calf 16

Vchallenge - 24:45.

Notes: Had to lift last night late and do the vchallenge early in the morning. HSPU’s had to be broken up a bit more than I would have liked. No cheating all week except the 2 tic tac to kill the midday protein only breath resulted in downing the container… was driving and those things are so damn small… anyway, just being honest. Leaving for Disney World til Tuesday… I get through this weekend unscathed and the rest is easy sailing. See you next week.

3 days in Disney ain’t easy for the v diet. Whoever said it kills craving … Well if that’s so, it doesn’t kick in with 2 weeks. Holding strong so far. Did HSM for lunch a couple days. Only cheat was a couple hard boiled eggs. Even hit Golds of Orlando for some weight training. No need for NEPA as I walked more than I ever walk at home. At Hollywood Studios now. Hollywood Studios has a Starbucks so coffee is coming up soon. Heading home tomorrow.


Bloody well done for managing the diet whilst at Disney world! I would have lost my mind!

My cravings mostly stopped within the first week… It’s the habit of ‘wanting’ sugar because it’s everywhere and everyone else is eating and indulging that I have struggled with!

You have given me hope for the next weekend! If you can manage V-diet at Disney world… I can manage V-diet at my crazy Indian Mothers home! Sugar isn’t the issue there… It’s all the fried food, and the food dripping in butter and the fizzy drinks! :o/ She’s a force-feeder too… I might not escape unharmed!


Thanks M. Make sure you have the shakes handy. Your HSM can still be SM I guess. My suggestion would be to somehow get out of going to Mom for the 30 days. Too risky. You eat the fried crap and you blow all the hard work, you don’t eat and you insult mom. It’s a lose lose. If you have to go, Maybe you can help in the kitchen or play with a cousin or do anything to get away from the table. By the way, my HSM was a grilled chx sandwich (half the roll) and asked for two pieces of chicken (had to actually buy two sandwiches) and subbed broccoli for fries… Hollywood Studios… Filled me up. Biggest Disney problem for me is that they don’t sell gum here.

Ha ha!

Unfortunately I can not get out of my trip to the parentals…

However, had a good chat with my mother about my diet etc and have pleaded with her not to do her usual mothering… No idea if she had listened, however, I am staying optimistic!

I’ve been going crazy with breath-spray! I’m finding chewing gum is just making my stomach feel a bit swishy and makes me hungry quicker!

Seriously well done on conquering disneyworld! And with a daughter! I know how much hard work we can be! Ha ha!


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January 23 Measurements

Wt 193.2
Neck 16.25
Shoulders 21.5
Chest 44
Waist Above - 36.5
Waist 36.75
Waist below 37.75
Hips 37
Upper Arm 16.25
Upper Leg 26
Calf 16

Notes: Got through Disney World on shakes and tic tacs. Got back on Tuesday and only got a couple NEPA’s in. Haven’t missed any lifting though. Snowed in today so heating up garage for a lifting session today and may even do the v-challenge later this afternoon. Tomorrow’s NEPA will be snow blowing and shoveling. Progress going well, hope to lost another inch in the waist but may not happen with only a week left… I will read up on the transition information in the book and see how it goes. Hope everyone else doing this thing is doing well.

Final Numbers - January 30, 2015

Wt 192.4
Neck 16
Shoulders 22
Chest 44.25
W above - 35.25
W - 36
W below- 37.25
Hips 36
Upper Arm 16
Upper Leg 26
Calf 16

V - Challenge 21:06

Notes: Other than Disney, wasn’t so bad. Looks like I lost about 3 inches in waist and all other measurements seems to be about the same. Maybe lost 1/2 inch in arms but plan with all the bigger compound movements, I was really doing things like tri pushdowns, DB or cable curls, etc. Plan to work on that in the next few weeks. Haven’t figured out next step plan yet but I am thinking about staying the course for the next couple weeks and maybe throwing in two HSM/day twice a week. I also may change up the lifting a bit by adding an extra serving of Plazma and doing a bit more volume. As for the NEPA, I may switch up the daily NEPA for some 10-15 minutes of HITT 3 days a week. With the Winter in full swing, the walking ain’t happening and my airdyne bike and concept II rower are more equipped for HITT workouts. I will figure out something more long term in a couple weeks but want to get waist down to 34 by March without losing chest, shoulder, calf and arm size. FYI - the nighttime shake didn’t always happen when I ate dinner late but I would substitute a bunch of aminos right before bed. A giant shake before bed was causing too many trips to the bathroom so I traded better sleep for the benefits of the extra casein protein before bed. Any questions feel free to ask.

Good work man. I work at disneyworld, and yes it is tough to eat healthy on property, which is why we always head off property for lunch. Can’t wait to hear more from your results.

Thanks Jodgey. I will try to update during the transition phase.

Great job! Keep us posted.

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