Velocity Life to 165

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Have done the V-Diet before with some success, but wanted to do a longer 5-6 month diet similar to velocity life. Will attempt to post 4-5 times per week for accountability. Have about 5 bottles of Metabolic Drive and waiting on some Surge.

The Diet: Will likely post calories later on in the diet. For now Ill be writing everything I eat. Ill be replacing 2-3 meals a day with Metabolic Drive. There will be some hints of Intermittent fasting/Paleo. Not because I love either but because eating bread/eating late at night makes me feel bloated and terrible. Will take pics weekly, and measurements.

Goals: Im turning 30 soon and have had a history of WPW(cardiac arrhythmia) and had cardiac ablation. I absolutely love MMA and started jujitsu but I need to be in better shape. So I want to be fit and started running recently. Also recently have felt terrible and went to the doctor and had a testosterone level of 199, and estrogen level of 133. They put me on Androgel but the side effects were terrible so I stopped it. Im seeing another doctor in 2 weeks for further action but obviously my hormones need to be addressed. I feel like a 60 year old currently.

Chest 45
Stomach 44
R arm 16
L arm 15
thighs 24.

Weight 200

Goal Weight: One65.

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When I work I work 7am-8pm.

8/18- worked and the diet was solid. Kept to salmon/ grilled chicken and fruits and vegetables. Had 2 md shakes and stopped eating around 6pm. So the eating window was about 10-11 hours.

8/19- worked again. Diet was pretty good again. Had some chipotle Gouda on my grilled chicken which I should skip next time. Also have honey mustard when I get grilled chicken which I’m sure has hidden calories. So i need some type of low calorie condiment. No bread all day

When I work I’m at the hospital the entire day 7am-730pm.

8/18- Worked and diet was pretty clean. Kept to fruit, veggies, and chicken/salmon. Stopped eating about 6pm so ate about 11 hours of the day. No bread.

8/19- worked and kept to fruits veggies, and grilled chicken as nothing was open bc it was Sunday. Only slip up was some chipotle Gouda on top of the chicken with some honey mustard. The Gouda I should have stayed away from. Also have to see how bad the honey mustard was. Ate again about 11 hours.

8/20-off today so I lifted pretty heavy shoulders and core training. Played some volleyball outside then ran about 4.5 miles but my stamina is horrible. Still trying to build up my endurance as I have only been running for about 2 weeks. Finished 4.5m in 65 minutes which is terrible but I will improve.

With lifting I do mostly 5x5 so my highs today were 85 pound dumbbell press, 180 hammer strength shoulder press, and 270 shrug on the smith machine. I have been avg about two md shakes per day, and allowed myself some grilled chicken and rice after working out. I think I’m only allowing myself rice after workouts.

Work tomm, and Wed. Goals is to do back on Thursday , and run Thursday night. Might do some swimming wed. I need to get in better cardiovascular shape as my spartan race i think is sep 8.

8/21- whole foods, and stayed away from bread. Diet stopped at 6pm.
8/22- ate well again. Stayed away from bread. Ate kind of light bc work was so busy.

In all I’m already feeling more energy eating right, as I used to get tired after meals. For now I made the main switch to whole foods, not eating late and eating no bread. I’ll continue to try to get fruits and veggies more involved. I’ve been having a few md shakes a day too which helps.

8/23- today I was off and did a Dea walk in the morning for 30 min. Eat a big breakfast of tunA, fage yogurt , some figs and these seasonal Thompson/concord grapes. I did this while everyone was eating bagels which is a weakness for me.

-worked out back and biceps today. On the hammer strength row machine put up 4 plates, and did some other row type stuff all in the 180 pound range. I did dead lifts and was really working on my form as have never did them for fear of injury. I was only doing 150 but it felt good. I’m going to stay light with deads this month and really get the form down.

-after that played some pretty intense racquetball after drinking Surge for Bout an hour. Went straight and jogged 4 miles. Had the outback special and a low calorie salad/asparagus for dinner and I’m done for the night. Very good day.

Work tommorow. Pics and weigh in on sun. See my doctor for the first time on Tuesday.

Hey can a mod please put this in the diet log section as its a daily diet log.

8/24–Stayed clean. Fage with honey and watermelon for breakfast. Chicken and Broccoli for lunch. MD Shake, and some watermelon/mango to finish off the day. Did have a bite of 85% dark chocolate. Kind of tasted bitter though. Wonder if I should allow it in the diet. Almost a full week without processed foods/bread/Wheat. The energy levels are certainly up.

Off tommorow and def going heavy on chest, and doing intervals later on.

8/25- Was off. The intermittent fast was pretty cool as you get to eat until satisfaction. Allowed my eating time to be 7 hours, so fasted for 17 hours. Felt great as I hate eating late anyway. No bread and allowed myself some Chicken and rice after Chest.

Chest Workout was pretty good but I felt weak. Went more towards a reps/burn workout. The rain kind of killed running outside yesterday.

8/26–Today was the completion of one week. No bread. Great diet. Did the two meals today(outside of drive shakes) and felt really good on it. Played two hours of racquetball and jogged 2.5 miles. I definitely feel less winded but I have so far to go.

Week 1 results results.
Weight-195( -5 pounds)
Chest 45 ( - 0 inch )
Stomach 40. 5 ( -3.5 inch)
R arm 16 (-0)
L arm 15 (-0)
Thighs 23.5 (-.5)

Totally a great first week. Im italian and I love bread and never ate fruits/veggies. Sunday dinner today was ravioli with Vodka sauce which is my favorite and I was able to resist. Bread just always made me feel so tired/full/lazy and I never really like fruits/veggies.

-Obviously Ill have to count calories at some point but Im looking at this like a marathon so that will be in a month or two down the line.

-Goals this week: No bread. Im thinking of cutting calories on work days as I can’t workout. Maybe its a good time to have a Vdiet type days a few times a week. Then go towards Intermittent fasting on off days. These are just thoughts but I should be able to fine tune a diet to my schedule and life.

Long term goals–Spartan race is in under two weeks, and obviously the major goal of 165 by my 30th birthday late in october. I see my dr tomm and Im hoping he address my low T/High E. Day 7 pictures upcoming.




Completed week 2 today.

-Had one or two slip ups this week but overall stayed away from Bread products. I finally found a good dr(it seems) and I started taking Arimidex every other day, so Im hoping that helps.

Week 2 numbers (Day 14 or so)
Weight 193 (-2)
Chest 42.5 (-2.5)
Stomach 40.5 (-0)
R arm 15.5 (-0)
L arm 15 (-0)
Thighs 23.5 (-0)

Goals for the next week : Continue to not eat late, and consider V-dieting a few days. I have been running every other day or so But I would like to interval train more.

Diet has been sweet. Still no bread. Wanted to post today my expierience with Arimidex. I am NOT on any steroid currently.

Estrogen 113. Attempted Arimidex .5mg EOD.

First dose-
Day 1— Woke up with Morning Wood for first time in years.
Day 2—Did not take.
Second Dose
Day 3—Woke up with softer morning wood.
Day 4—Did not take.
Third Dose
Day 5—Did not feel any effects.
Day 6—Did not feel any effects.
Fourth Dose
Day 7—hard to sleep, and hot major hot flashes at work. Felt very dizzy, anxious and had a hard time at work.
Day 8—Best Day I have felt in months. Had Energy and Libido all day.
Day 9—Did get a lot of sleep (4 hours). Felt out of breath all day and tired. Didn?t take scheduled dose of Arimidex today as im thinking I was too low on day 7. Will get a good 7 hours sleep today and decide on dosage tomorrow.

Can we post on these threads? Just curious as to how the diet/ arimidex is working?

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