Velocity Journey

Sorry for the biker tan and the body hair.

Finished my NEPA walk, and now I’m waiting for this foam to go down in the pre-workout plazma (if it ever does). I’ll definitely be preparing my plazma before I go to bed next time. Going to get a workout in before I have to go to work at 2pm.

Making the Plazma up in advance is definitely a good idea. Just be sure to keep it refrigerated.

Good luck on the Velocity Diet and be sure to keep your log updated. We find that this is one of the key elements in reaching your goals on the diet. It helps keep you accountable to yourself and is also a great way for us to follow your progress and help out if you need anything.

Day 2 of the journey, and I’m hungry and tired. I assume that’s to be expected. I’m actually excited about the hunger part. I feel like it’s been so lung since I’ve been hungry since I’m so used to stuffing my face anytime I feel like it.

The most enjoyable part so far has been the NEPA walks. I actually started those last week. I’m a hospital pharmacist so I’ve been shooting for an hour every day due to the lack of walking I have to do at work. It’s a great way to clear my head first thing in the morning. In addition to that, I’ve begun reading The Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine for added insight into staying focused on my goals.

My meal yesterday was crock pot chicken and veggies (, and after not eating food all day, it was the most delicious meal I had tasted in a long time. I finished that off with a desert of a golden delicious apple. Today, since it’s my day off, I plan on making a sirloin steak, egg white omelet, and a sweet potato. My current plan is to prepare my work-week meals from the simple diet for athletes in advance since I work 1 week on and 1 week off. On my off days, I’ll be preparing them on individual days for whatever I feel like eating that day.

The prescribed workouts will begin today. I attempted to continue my 5/3/1 strength training yesterday and my lifts were a joke. I blame this mostly on the fact that I’m attempting to cut out the pre-workout stimulant supplements that I’ve been taking for years and have become accustomed to.

I plan to weigh at the end of each week because, frankly, I hate weighing myself. Hopefully, this will become more enjoyable as I see the number go down and know it’s just losing fat and not muscle.

My overall goal is to complete this, then start a micro-pa and indigo 3g stack in order to get down to my goal weight of 220. I have always dreamed of serving this country, but have been turned down 3 times due to weight. My grandfather was in the Navy and I’m hoping to at least join the reserves. I would go for full-time active duty but I’m about to propose to my gf and we’re going to begin building our dream home and start a family.

The first few days can be tough for many V-Dieters. This is in part due to very real withdrawal-like symptoms from addicting foods. Wheat, milk, certain sugars, junk foods etc. But that withdrawal is crucial for long-term success. I hate the word “detoxing” as it’s generally used, but it’s pretty accurate here, and the good news is that it’s over with pretty quickly from a physical standpoint. Mentally it can take a little longer, getting rid of those bad dietary habits etc. This usually takes 21 days or so, but by then it’s all mental and the physical craving caused by bad gut bacteria and the things in problematic foods is pretty much gone by then. The V-Diet rids you of those addicting things, almost as a side effect. And of course just consuming better foods and lower calories takes care of the rest. So stick with it. Most V-Dieters think the plan is easy after a week or two of adjustment.

And don’t sweat any perceived strength losses. This is temporary and one reason why a strength-centered training plan isn’t recommended for the V-Diet. Also, as you lose fat, certain leverages can even change. Range of motion is increased in certain movements like the bench press, leading some people to think they lost strength, but they really didn’t. They just lost fat and increased ROM, which is a good thing overall. I mean, who wants to bench press more just because manboobs and a fat back are shortening ROM?

Keep it up man, it’s only going to get better! In my opinion, the most significant battle of the V-Diet, or transforming any aspect of your life in general, is of course the mental struggle. Some days and moments may be easier than others, but realize that all you need to do is make one good decision at a time. Don’t worry about what you need to do for an entire month or year, just make sure every decision you make is the right one, one at a time, and don’t stop doing that, ever.

When I did the V-Diet, I noticed some strength dropping as well, however the body fat was dropping even more so I didn’t mind! Don’t sweat it, and don’t obsess over the scale either. It’s a helpful tool, your progress pics and measurements will be the best tools for gauging your success. Really, if you follow the plan, there’s no way you won’t be succeeding, so you can go to sleep each night feeling good about an awesome day of kicking butt and transforming yourself as long as you know you did your best and stuck to the guidelines.

Keep it up Tad and be sure to update your log as frequently as possible so we can all keep updated on your success!

@Chris_Shugart I couldn’t agree more about the “detoxing” word. It drives me insane. I also hate when my co-workers that use advocare call it a “cleanse”, as if the body just isn’t good enough to do that itself. I like to think of it more as a drug intervention, because that’s all food has become to me. Work can be extremely stressful when we’re overworked and people’s lives are on the line. So a Mt. Dew and loaded tater tots were my anxiety medications.

@robstein I have to admit when I went to bed last night, I felt pretty accomplished because yesterday at work, I turned down Wendy’s, Papa John’s pizza, and birthday cake.

Just finished my prescribed workout and it was surprisingly challenging. I wasn’t sure how to tackle it mentally because in my normal lifts with 5/3/1, there’s a slow progression into an all-out lift. Jumping straight into lifting heavy felt like I was doing 1 cluster set for each exercise. I’ll drastically need to improve on my overhead squat form and I never know if my form is correct on ab-wheel rollouts, but it always feels good to do heavy rows and dips.

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Good luck on your v-diet journey! It gets easier, as others have said. The first week was the toughest for me. But now, at the start of week 3, I have ZERO cravings for crap food or alcohol. I am looking forward to getting back to eating solid food throughout the day, but only healthy stuff. And I definitely don’t miss the wheat, I had never cut out wheat before, and I didn’t know this diet required it but I’m glad it did. I feel a million times better without the wheat in my diet.

Day 3 and I currently hate everyone at work. I pick up extra shifts on my week off, and this hospital decided to buy Moe’s for the pharmacy today. Normally, this place is already a hellhole, and I hate working here. Today, it reached a whole new level.

Ah, Moe’s burritos I’m assuming? They’re tasty for sure. You WILL get to a point where the food won’t be tempting anymore, no doubt about it. One thing that helped me get past the temptation of bad foods is more research into where the food comes from, and what happens inside your body when you eat it. If you youtube or google “mass cattle farming,” I don’t think you’ll be tempted by fast food anymore.

@robstein Yeah Moe’s burritos. The lack of temptation is what I’m hoping for when I’m finished. I saw tons of commercial for pizza last night and told my gf I’d probably have sex with one right now. haha. Today I prepared another crock pot meal. I made a huge chuck roast, and tossed in a bag of frozen mixed veggies, some chopped onions, and topped it with chili powder and tomato sauce. I’m still finishing up the jasmine rice I made the other day, so I made a bed of rice, and topped it with a chunk of meat and veggies. I use the isolabs containers and lunch box so I don’t have to worry about finding room in the fridge. I’m careful to pack them in the smaller containers so I don’t end up with too large of a meal (although I put in as much as physically possible).

Today is my last day of work until Monday. I did a 46 min NEPA walk this morning, and I’m going to do my workout when I get home this evening. I prepped my PLAZMA before leaving for work and left them in the fridge so I don’t have to deal with all of that foam.

Side note: I use a FitBit Aria as my scale. I’ve never been sure how accurate they are at calculating body fat.

Great results after week 1! Stll don’t “feel” lighter if that makes any sense. I had one bad meal this week, on thursday. That is also the day I did a 4-mile mountain hike at Natural Bridge (got engaged that day) so I don’t feel incredibly awful about that, but I was disappointed in myself.

The NEPA walks have absolutely changed my level of activity. I used to struggle to get 10k steps per day, but now I’m meeting that goal by mid afternoon.

I’ve been trying to calculate the amount of Plazma I’m going to have. One bag comes with 20 servings, but males are supposed to use 2 per workout and 3 workouts per week so that’s 24 servings. I supposed I’ll need to order another.

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Keep pushing man, losing some pounds already! The body fat measures are very loose and not always accurate, go by your body measurements and pics, and the scale will confirm things are moving in the right direction.

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement man! That’s awesome! Woo! Now stay on track with your nutrition and workouts so you can be ready for the big day :smile:

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