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Hey guys,

I’m going to start to Velocity Diet in a week or so. With gyms being closed in NJ for months (now open again), I bought a bowflex. Go ahead, poke fun, I know. But that’s what I did.

My question is should I work out more frequently on it for strength training because the body would recover quicker. It’s power rod resistance - I’ve been able to train six days a week and recover just fine over the last several months. Chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms, rest day repeat.

Do you think I should maintain this workout schedule, adding in the NEPA walks (I’ve been doing cardio throughout occasionally) each day? Or should I switch to the three day split with V-Burn. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Dan Petrillo

Ha, hey man, no poking needed. Home training is where it’s at and where it’ll be for quite a while. I’m in NY and actually just cancelled my gym membership a few weeks ago. I’d had a decent home gym put together beforehand but went to Home Depot and got some gear to make my own pulley system.

The power rod stuff has the same pros and cons, pretty much, as any resistance bands with the added bonus of being able to go “heavier” than most bands. If the Bowflex keeps you on track and you get a kickass workout with it, go for it.

For best results, stick as closely as possible to the training program included with the program. It was all designed as one unit coordinated together.

So, three full-body workouts per week using the volume and intensity of the original routine, substituting exercises as need, plus the weekly V-burn challenge and NEPA walks.

Some people do plug in their own training plan completely, but it’s an experiment at that point. Because training and nutrition always go hand-in-hand, any workout routine needs to respect the diet principles (calorie deficit, lower carb) in terms of recovery and performance.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me. I can do some makeshift stuff to get all the exercises to work - probably picking up the one size fits all dumbbells too.

The feedback is much appreciated. I’ll keep you in the loop when I get started and let you know how it turns out.


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