Velocity Diet Workouts and Olympic Lifts

Do you have to use the exact workouts prescribed in the ebook? Reason I am asking is because I would like to keep my o-lifts involved with my training as much as possible.

You don’t have to use the same workouts, and many people have had success with their own training plans. I’d suggest keeping some hypertrophy training in the mix and definitely try out the unique set/rep schemes suggested in the V-Diet ebook. Very challenging. But yes, O-lifts should be fine as part of the overall plan.

I personally find that explosive work (which includes the Olympic lifts) is very conductive to fat loss and body recomposition because of all the training methods they have the greatest positive impact on muscle insulin sensitivity. The more sensitive to insulin you are (especially if we are talking about muscle tissue) the more you will tend to store nutrients in the muscles and the less you will have to store as fat.

And generally speaking I find that the more explosive athletes tend to be the leanest.

Just make sure that your overall volume is adequate and as Chris mentioned, keep hypertrophy work in there because while the Olympic lifts are great they are not the best to promote muscle growth or help preserve muscle mass while dieting.

Thanks Chris and Christian. I agree completely that I should continue to keep some hypertrophy work in my training and I did not know about the insulin sensitivity aspect.

Where I see the benefit of the velocity diet for myself is to help break my own bad habits for food. However, I have always been considered a “hardgainer.” Any other suggestions I should keep in mind before starting this up?

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