Velocity Diet Workout

Jess asks:

I saw this advertised on T Nation. I am interested but I wanted to inquire more about the workout portion. I do not want to change my current workout regimen. I’m working with a coach preparing for the Crossfit Open. I am not a Games level athlete but I am making progress and I am happy with my training. Would that work with the nutrition in the Velocity Diet or not really be appropriate?

You could make it work. Many people choose to do their own training plans. But keep in mind that any fat-loss diet with lower-than-maintenance calories may temporarily hamper performance. We’ve done our best to prevent that though with the V-Diet by adding Plazma. It will fuel your tough workouts and greatly help with recovery from those workouts. And with many CrossFit movements, the fat loss itself will improve performance, especially with bodyweight exercises and endurance tests. So, I think you’re good to go. Keep us posted!

Thanks for the response! I decided to move forward and do the Velocity Diet. - Jess

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