Velocity Diet without Lifting

Hey Chris, i have read about the Velocity Diet a few times and it sounds awesome but I have a question. Can, well is it even worth trying, it be done without working out? I am not asking for myself but my dad because he has had trouble losing weight before and I know he really wants to drop 20 or so lbs.

However with the crazy amount he works it is difficult for him to consistently go to the gym (I know know make time and everything but with college coming he is working extra hard because of the looming tuition).

So if he were to follow the diet to a t, minus the workouts, could he expect reasonably good results?

He is 52 years old, 5’10, and about 205lbs

thank you very much

Not followed to a “T.”

For example, he would not need Surge Recovery because that’s used post-lifting.

A better plan for him may be to have 3 Metabolic Drive shakes per day, Flameout and Superfood, then one healthy solid meal every night, following the HSM guidelines in the V-Diet.

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