Velocity Diet without HOT-ROX (Female)

I am going to give the Velocity Diet a try to lose these last 10 pounds of fat! Will it work without the HOT-ROX Extreme? I do not want to take anything like that. I should add the Carbolin 19, instead? Is that correct? I am female…if that makes a difference :). I am a super clean/organic eater, so I’ve never used supplements like this. Thanks!

Items it’s telling me to use:
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb Protein
Flameout EPA/DHA
SURGE Recovery
Biotest Superfood
Optional: Fiber Choice Tablets

Yes, many people do the V-Diet without Hot-Rox if they don’t handle stimulant-containing fat burners well. No problem. You can just leave it out or replace it with <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 or <a href=""target=“new”>Se7en.

Great thanks! I’ll use the Se7en , since it’s for women.

Excited to start the Velicity Diet challenge! I just ordered my package! The instructions say to add “a serving” of flaxseed and nut butter to some shakes. Do I use the suggested serving size amounts on the flaxseed and nut butter containers, which is 2 tablespoons? Also, is this the forum I use to document my success? Thanks!

That’s correct.

You can log your progress here:

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