Velocity Diet with MMA training

I’ve been very eager to try the Velocity Diet, but I’m curious as to how it would meld with an intense work load. My weekly workout schedule resembles something along the lines of:

Monday/Wednesday: 2 hours MMA training
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: full body hypertrophy training
Saturday: 3 hours MMA training
Sunday: off

I’m down from 270 to ~240, and I really want to shed the rest of this body fat. Would the velocity diet be efficacious in my scenario? If not, what changes would be recommended to ensure healthy but maximum results?

Sorry for the lengthy post, and thank you in advance!

I’d suggest adding a serving or two of Mag-10 during MMA training sessions. You may be able to do this in addition to the regular shakes, or you could drop one shake and replace with MMA-workout nutrition (Mag-10). Another option would be to have one serving of Plazma pre-MMA sessions if they’re pretty intense. And obviously you could skip the bodyweight workout (V-Burn) and NEPA.

So, under Collosus’ post one could (if they are focused on shredding and fat-loss vs muscle building) use a more intense workout and swap-out NEPA/V-workout because of the duration, intensity and body-weight nature of other conditioning workouts and still get shredded?

Sure, Bill. People have had a lot of success with varying tweaks.

Thanks Chris. You’re extremely patient as we work our way through our own ignorance. Greatly appreciated.

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