Velocity Diet Tips From an Old Man

Folks…I am a lurker, been here for a couple years. Reading learning and observing. Wanted to do the VD for a while and finally determined it was time. I’m on the 6th day and feeling great!! I have the following advice about this diet.

#1. Be extremely mentally prepared for this ordeal. It is not to be done on a whim. #2. Find something you are passionate about to take your mind off yourself when you feel “weak”. I read my Bible when I drink my lunch shake. Study about my 69 GTO when I feel “hungry”.
Take time to learn a new bass fishing lake. Anything you can to stop thinking about yourself and your wants at that time. Learn something useful and use your mind to encourage your mental growth as well as your physical well-being.
#3. Keep helping folks on this forum and encouraging them…you never know who you help or who you hurt. You can do one or the other.

Keep pushing and striving. You’ve, unknowingly, helped a 51 year old start to get his health and life back on track.
Have a great day!!!

Welcome :slight_smile: How’s your progress so far? Are you planning on starting a blog?

Don’t know that I will do a blog as such. I haven’t weighed since day one (217) which, being the scale whore I am, has been difficult. I do have pics and all the measurements. But I am doing a bastardized version of the diet. Cannot take a fat burner, have mitral valve issues and I have tried many kinds and they just drive me bonkers. Most of the other stuff is in line. Shakes, PB, oils, etc. Lots of NEPA, good workouts----the kind I will continue with–and all that. I can tell a difference already. Monday, I weigh and measure again.

There are several folks here that poo-poo any idea of not a strict adherance to the diet 100% and that’s fine. MY goals at 51 are quite different than most of you younger ones. I’m not a bulker or a shredder or a single digit BF% guy. I’m a grandpa trying to lose my fat and needed the discipline of this to stop my excuses.
I’ll send some numbers out Monday.

Take Care!!

Just a brief follow-up. At day 10 here and find this almost too easy. Sorry to say so.
I have had no food related issues and continue to NEPA and workout as planned.
Not as “regular” in some areas as I normally am, so I upped the Fiber tabs. Sleep is very easy. Mental awareness is good. Just feeling A-OK. I actually think I have pleats back in my pants. Small changes and no one has noticed yet, but I am sure they will in the next 18 days of this journey. Be prepared and stay aggressive and this will help you if you are willing.
It is an effort, but all good things are.

Keep going all you V-Dieters and good luck.

Nice going mate :slight_smile: I’m just finishing day 12 and, to be honest, I never expected to feel as great as I do! Wierd!

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